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  2. The more prevelent detail is how bad a mgrs standings are, but in any case if those guys are on the wire it says a lot about how competitive a league is (assuming 12T with IR spots), less so about the individual mgr. I just went through a 10+ day stretch in one league with AD, PG13, Jrue, Mitch, Markkanen and OG all out and 3 IR spots (thank god) — essentially manuevering with a 10-man roster — but held every one of them because I was at the top of the standings. I know damn well each and every one of them would get claimed once dropped. Now that only 3 of them are hurt it’s Beasley posting
  3. ^^i’m sitting on mitch robinson, kevin love, cj mccolum, caris levert, lauri markannen, malik beasley, jaren jackson jr. have all those in 2 different leagues sitting in first place both leagues, so i’ve positioned myself to beast during playoffs additionally, dangelo russell is available in both those leagues as well.. not sure if he’ll be back in time though so i’m passing up on that one.
  4. Thanks all, dropped Josh Jackson and grabbed Wendell
  5. I doubt that teams are calling with lowball offers, they know it'll take serious consideration to get a player like Watson. The Texans sticking their head in the sand and refusing to even discuss it is pure denial and incompetence.
  6. I think I'd sit on Dragic. There are other rookie PG options that might be avail on the wire (Cole Anthony, Jerome) so I would wait and see.
  7. ESPN's Dianna Russini reports the Seahawks are answering trade calls on Russell Wilson. Russini reports the Seahawks are not actively "shopping" Wilson, but that they are picking up when other teams call. That puts them a step ahead of the Texans, who are reportedly sending interested Deshaun Watson parties straight to voicemail. Russini confirms Wilson is "not happy" in Seattle. Instead of dying down, this story keeps gaining new dimensions. It is still a "believe it when you see it," but it is notable this was not immediately extinguished. Source: Dianna Russini on
  8. This is an obp league I have the 9th pick in 10 team league. These are 4 of the likely players that will drop to me: Christian Yelich, Freddie Freeman, Jose Ramirez, Trevor Story. How would you rank them in order?
  9. I think I like Allen over Siakam right now. Depends what you need really. Allen isn't capped by anything other than his own capability. Siakam has been disappointing this year.
  10. I mean the major difference is that Wood didn’t have much in the way of usage blocking him once the Drummond trade happened. Nets have three hall of famers out there who need their touches. I think his ceiling on this squad is an energy big, not a Christian Wood.
  11. @closernews is now suspended for god knows why. They used to be the best account to follow assuming you had push notifications turned on because they'd tweet out who got saves right after they'd happen. There is a void to fill. I've created this twitter account and would like to try and run it in a similar way but improved. twitter.com/closercarousel_ I would need a few more people to help run it though since I can't watch all the games at once obviously. I figure if we have a few people on the account then we can cover every game. If you're interested in helpin
  12. 1 Spot Left -- Contracts League ESPN We are looking for our last owner to fill out this league. This is an active league with a companion forum site to host bidding & transactions! The gameplay is on ESPN. 6x6 H2H Categories: R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS, K, QS, W, ERA, WHIP, SVHD $100 roster budget for players Actual league dues is $50 (BUT you'll only be required to pay $20 in year 1) Offseason schedule will begin when the league is filled. Bidding & the offseason schedule is a blast! This is a unique league with a rulebook you should check out. Definitely my f
  13. I would swap Lopez and Trent for Poetl and Ross any day of the week
  14. Would be willing to do this. If there are any spots left. Let me know. Thanks
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