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  2. What kind of line are we expecting out of Kiriloff (assuming he sticks and plays regularly). Educate me.
  3. It’s CyGrom day! Go Matz Wood Glasnow
  4. Jordan and Kobe: "I ... I've got the flu, but my team needs me. Gonna throw myself out there and prove to the haters that I'm not ducking anyone!" Simmons: *Sneezes* "Ah darn, better take the week off. It's not like I was playing well anyway, and at least I got my All-Star nod." No wonder Embiid has back issues. I'd be hurting too after carrying my team to the #1 seed in the East.
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  6. https://dodgerblue.com/dodgers-injuries-cody-bellinger-fracture-progress-at-bats-running/2021/04/21/
  7. I agree that they're tough to read, at this point at least. They had some tough luck and bad breaks during the season and could've well been .500 or better. Their actions at the trade deadline and the heavy resting of the starters recently do suggests a change of direction, but then again they've played a ton of games in a short amount of time and got players recovering from covid, etc. But the 4 game streak is a good point and might force them to compete again, who knows. It's hard to roster any Raptor with much confidence right now though.
  8. Around the 6 min mark. To paraphrase he’s still day-to-day. He has some good days and bad days. Doesn’t think it’s serious but a nuisance. Hopefully the full 2 days off is enough for him to get out there for Sat. Sounds like a lingering thing so this definitely makes it certain that he won’t play all 5 games next week (though saying that is obvious since this is what we all assumed anyway)
  9. only if you can look into the future and know when to start him otherwise all the negative days will cancel out the good ones
  10. Seems pretty good pitcher to me. The only thing that might change is when framber comes back, who gets knocked out of the rotation? Him or urquidy?
  11. Does the 'new ball' affect his speed? Cuz hes only 1 for 3 in SBs
  12. the good: he has the green light whenever he's on base the bad: getting on base
  13. I will curse the name of all Yankees tomorrow mark my words!!!
  14. I have him QB3 a bit ahead of Mac/Lance personally but behind Wilson/Lawrence The processing speed is a bit of an issue but it's an issue for a lot of QBs (even Lawrence). My bigger concern is that ugly release In fantasy though I can understand the appeal of him with a better destination over Wilson on the Jets due to the rushing upside even though I think Wilson is the better player Fields is tough as nails though with a huge arm, frame, accuracy at all levels and incredible toughness. I think he will go as the fifth QB off the board in the real NFL draft (don't believe the NF
  15. Rick Carlisle said after the the game he isn’t in a boot. Didn’t completely rule him out for their next game either, I don’t expect them to play him there but I’ll take this kind of as a positive sign since he hasn’t been ruled out right away, indicating something really really serious. Might be one of those cases where they wait overnight to see if it swells up on him. Taking a shot in the dark, best case scenario might be a return on Tuesday, back end of a b2b. That’s if this is minor and doesn’t get bad overnight.
  16. Hit a couple of balls to the warning track today but with the new ball I'm afraid he might just have warning track power.
  17. There haven't even been enough batted ball events for that to be particularly meaningful yet. You need at least 60-70 batted balls to really start drawing conclusions about approach/swing/exit velo, etc FWIW he did look better tonight. First game all year he looked like a competent hitter with a plan up there. Let's hope it's the start of something.
  18. The PC police will hunt you down and hang you, but just know that I agree with you.
  19. So he went 3/5 and a rbi. Could be the game that gets him going
  20. Go darvish as well! My opponent has Bauer and wanna see him get hit hard.
  21. Pitching for the giants this year and pitching fairly well. Anything to see here??
  22. Haha, it was pure coincidence. But can you please help us gleyber torres owners tomorrow, he has yet to hit a homer
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