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  1. While I think Straily is a good stream Vs the Astros, and could have a nice mid rotation future - I hate to party poop but where are some of you guys getting this "ace potential", "tons of upside", and "believe me you won't be sorry" stuff? I'm not trying to be a douche - but I'm up for a healthy debate. First off to answer Jay's question - yes the plan is for Straily to be sent down after this start for Colon - so as others have mentioned for him to get back on the rotation it'll take an injury/poor performance(which is likely to happen in any rotation). Ok - on to Straily - I get it - he h
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  2. How is Straily the better pitcher? He allowed 11 HRs in 39 IP last year. Griffin allowed 10 in 82 IP. Griffin has done nothing to put his spot in jeopardy. He was very good last year, he had a solid 1st start this year and his team got the win, he would have to have a good stretch of bad starts before he was a candidate to lose his job. And if you want to argue luck, Straily was way more lucky in his small sample size than Griffin. He had a .225 BABIP. So when the scuds weren`t going over the fence at ridiculous rates, he was getting lucky with balls in play and had a nice 91% LOB% to p
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