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  1. Opening day age: 21 Forecast: Ranked behind Junior Fernandez a year ago, Alcantara surged ahead of Fernandez and the other members of a stocked Peoria pitching staff. A scout clocked Alcantara once with a 102-mph fastball, and he’s been able to hit 100 mph consistently. He complements that velocity with a better feel for other pitches than his contemporaries, and that has evaluators believing he’ll advance as a starter while others, like Fernandez, could see more success in relief. At the time of his promotion from Low-A, Alcantara led the Midwest League with 119 strikeouts. He finished y
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  2. This is my personal requirements when it comes to responding to the hundreds of questions posted on this board every week. I think you'll find that the other veterans of this board have similar requirements. 1. Have you answered other peoples questions? You don't have to answer my questions but you do have to answer some questions. If I've never heard of you and you've asked a question, the first thing I do is look down the list of recent responses and see if you have responded to anyone else's question. WHIR means nothing to me. I want to see what you have done. It's my #1, #2, #3, #4 a
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