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  1. Looking like a return this weekend. Maybe even tonight
  2. James Marvel starting for Pittsburgh but isn't in yahoo. Christ they suck
  3. Who's rolling with him in Coors in the fantasy playoffs?
  4. Dude is flat out cratering at exactly the wrong time. He's an absolute albatross and has been the entire 2nd half. He shows zero indication this is changing in the next 3 weeks. Can't play the long game anymore, time to win playoff weeks. We got what we could out of him. Time to juice another orange.
  5. In leagues with h2h playoffs coming up I feel he's droppable
  6. Making his first outing against Houston was a terrible thing to do to the guy
  7. Nick Saban did that a ton. Direct snaps to Jacobs were basically his short yardage offense the 2nd half of last year. Makes perfect sense
  8. I notice this a lot too! Many of my mistakes can be directly traced back to me not knowing how bad their O Line was. A poor O Line just breaks an offense in many cases
  9. Holy runs Brad Hand. Oof. At least I don't have to worry about my ratios this week. He gets a pass since he's been so good so far
  10. I also thought a 6-man rotation made perfect sense. But all manager/front office caveats need apply here
  11. He could bump up to 175 easily. Anything beyond that is gravy. Maybe a skipped start or two somewhere but i wouldn't think a shutdown
  12. Same thing in Sunday's game. Dude is swinging to hit the moon and providing nothing but a nice breeze
  13. 3 Steals in first game. I add him. Then nothing. What a joke
  14. Is he even worth owning in points leagues anymore? He's doing nothing
  15. And cue a 3/4 with 3 RBIs and a BB
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