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  1. Traded to Rays in the Lowe deal. If he’s on Tampa’s radar-he should be on yours
  2. It'll be interesting to see how ESPN goes forward with it. From their customer service site: His primary position on the site was TE until this week.
  3. ^This. I knew this was going to be a hard year. I (and most other Sox fans) have accepted it, and ready to move on for next year. Their pitching staff is comical-and they frankly could be much, much worse than they currently are. But like most of us, we're willing to accept for this year. However, I don't want some 20 year old intern who runs their social media account throwing this in my face.
  4. Jim Rice- but was past his prime when I was old enough to really understand. Frank Thomas after that
  5. This was my first thought as well, looking in excited to see where he's at....only to be left continuing to wait.
  6. Injury risk is already having a screw in your elbow....nothing to do with that fluke injury last year
  7. Zero incentive to call him up. There would be a much better chance he finds himself shut down as he’s already blown away his previous innings total, which isn’t saying much. I think they’d like to get him to 100 IP. He is an interesting as hell case. He’s only thrown 88.2 TOTAL professional innings, which would lead you to believe they want him to get stretched out much more before pushing him up ladder. However, he’ll be 23 at the end of this month. AND he has an extensive injury history, so there is tons of risk here. However, I’m all in, and have been from day 1. This is one of
  8. There was one somewhere, but cant find it either. Kid has certainly been on a tear
  9. Yeah, this kid is a monster. Last year was a lost year with having an injury (thumb?) in his second game and missing out on the rest of his first year of pro ball. But for this to truly be his first taste of professional baseball, the returns here are remarkable.
  10. Multiple times too. And didn’t throw a ball in the 2nd inning
  11. Devers HR was an absolute laser to the opposite field on a pretty good pitch.
  12. True, but I think Pearson has much more to prove health wise than any of those guys....and does need to throw some minor league innings
  13. Prove? He’s gotta prove he can stay healthy, and that he can handle a full season workload. Even now he’s only getting max of 5ip alternating with 2.... Hes thrown a career TOTAL of 70 minor league innings. Total ....and there’s the ever present worry of the screw in his arm. Don’t get me wrong, I’be been on this train since the beginning, but I’d rather they are cautious with him this year. As you’ve said, Jays pitching stinks. It will still stink next year, and if he keeps this up I’d wager you see him mid summer next year- but he needs to continue to throw where he’s at
  14. Same pattern as he's done all year: 5IP one start, 2 IP the next one. Last night: 2IP, 3K, 0H, 0BB For the year: 28 IP 46 K 12 H 3 BB 0.64 ERA Is that good?
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