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  1. I love his usage but he’s allergic to the endzone. Hope to see that change tomorrow.
  2. RIP sweet prince. Last one out hit the lights.
  3. Yep, I’m rolling him out. Dome game so no weather concerns, good matchup, etc. Going down with the ship here.
  4. Saw that and did grab him to see how he’d do. Thanks
  5. Looks like he’ll get in a limited practice today ahead of a great matchup @ MIN. Glennon whipped it around pretty good last week. May take a shot on Chark this week if he’s back.
  6. Was planning to add him today but Yahoo just moved him to waivers before today’s game kicks off, when he’s been a FA until then (per usual before a game begins). Da fuq?
  7. If he doesn’t practice this week I’m really debating dropping him. I can’t have him burning a hole in my bench when we’re in crunch time for playoffs and it’s all hands on deck...
  8. See idiot sandwich. It’s still bothering me. Ha
  9. Hopeful we get news Kenny G is back practicing in full tomorrow! 🍻
  10. 15 points from PIT DST because I’m an idiot sandwich and started Hinton over Deebo. Save me from myself, PIT!
  11. DK is an animal but you can see how raw he is still. If he runs through that go route just now it’s an easy 70+ yard TD. Instead he tried to jockey for position when he didn’t need to.
  12. I need him back this week bigly, and will start him if he’s back no qualms. With Patricia gone I bet the OC/interim HC throws the **** out the ball...
  13. I think there’s a required 10-day isolation so it depends when they tested positive. If you count 10 days from Saturday (when Conner tested positive) then the 10th day is Tuesday (after PIT’s week 13 game). If you include Saturday in the 10 days then Monday is the 10th day. No idea just hopeful we can get him back for week 13... Eta: if he can’t practice during those 10 days then it’s probably a lost cause for week 13, but hopefully there’s some clarity.
  14. With PIT’s week 13 game moved to MNF does that give Conner a chance to play? Or are we just proper focked until week 14 at the earliest...?
  15. [...] He’s locked into my lineup until my season is done.
  16. I’m so sick of this dude/his offense. His floor is literally zero like he drops today. His ceiling of 8-10 (if he happens to catch a 1 yard TD) is not worth his floor. No way I can trust this dude in the playoffs. I’d rather roll the dice on waiver trash like Reed.
  17. Right, and let’s be honest, I incurred a fat zero two straight weeks flexing J-Jax (when injured) and then Pope (who got zero carries), so if anyone is ready to be hurt again it’s me.
  18. Like I said, if he’s active (fingers crossed) then I’m starting him without hesitation.
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