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  1. I'm encouraged to see what the Reds can do with him. If they can make Sonny Gray good again then I don't see why he can't improve at least a little. I think at worst he's a solid no. 3 arm who'll get you 200+Ks with tons of IP with OK ratios with room for more. The problem is the cost, so depending on league format he may be a DND based on price, but if he slips some I'd be happy to take him.
  2. I love when owners resort to the 'plodder' or 'bruiser' descriptions when defending their guy. Sure, he's just a bruiser...
  3. Yikes, just because Lindsay is good does not mean Freeman is bad. Freeman is probably a better fit for their new scheme, unfortunately
  4. What a run he’s still on. Dude just knows how to pitch
  5. Sale just didn’t want that win bad enough. Maybe next time
  6. Fun fact Sergio Romo once got a Win without retiring a batter.
  7. Just a ‘5 inning guy’ per RW blurb guy. Move along folks nothing to see here
  8. I'd say do it to try and win now. Freeman will take the torch and keep your offensive numbers going while you can make the push for saves, not to mention elite strikeout rates/ratios. Sounds like you have another good keeper bat option to boot.
  9. Have a chance to get mikolas or beuhler in a keeper league where either can be kept for 3 years, no other considerations (contract, draft slot, etc.). Who to pursue? Mikolas seems to have figured things out and seems to be a high floor no 2 type option, while beuhler seems to have oodles of upside but relatively unproven to this point. WHIR - Thanks!
  10. proud veteran of the thread to rule all other threads
  11. I think it would be especially if those three are available. Go with the proven commodities that early
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