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  1. Only to watch the Smurfs dude, am I not allowed to have an opinion? I just wish my Brewer stud SP threw deeper into the game is all I was saying; so maybe Yount. Molitor, or Cooper could have some late inning heroics and win Burnes 20+ games this year. Dang tough crowd
  2. I hope he's OK, a hairline fracture is serious but hardly a 2 month deal. The problem is that the Dodgers don't really need to rush him back...they have the best team in baseball, so they can really baby him.
  3. He could win more games if he pitched further into the game, like pitchers used to, is all I was saying
  4. I disagree, because if he could just throw another inning he could win 20+ games with Williams and Hader in that pen and be a true ace
  5. Maybe 1999 Pedro Martinez..when pitchers actually threw CG shutouts, That will never happen again, with Burnes we are talking a pitcher up that barely lasts 5 innings every game. Pitchers are "different" nowadays
  6. Whats the word on Pax? He was dealing in that 1st inning, then walked Moncada in the 2nd,,anyone have any news?
  7. I have 3 Washington Nats on my team, who knows when they will ever play.. And shouldn't they be the most 'masked up' team least likely to get Corona being that they are in DC...where are the cases in Texas and Florida?
  8. Despite this recent minor injury scare, I truly believe Juan Soto is the best baseball player alive and should be redrafted #1 overall. Just go back and watch his 2019 playoff highlights and then take into account his 2020 shortened season, while keeping in mind he is only 22 years old. He seems humble, hungry, is all about winning, and has unmatched plate awareness. I took him at #2 over Tatis and Betts- just because I think his floor is .290 100/35/100/10..and that's being conservative. The only hesitancy I have is the lineup hitting around him. Yes I'm man crushing and I'll check back with
  9. I recently drafted Cron in the 20th RND in a 10 team league, as my starting 1B based on projections of 25/80 .260 I'm hoping he has a career-best year in Colorado, I'm Rocky Mountain High on the guy
  10. Just curious why would Burnes only pitch 150, is he on a limit?
  11. This is a rough topic I know; but are you guys more likely to draft a player that has already had Corona or does it matter? I'm not going to lie, with the 3rd pick in my redraft I took Juan Soto barely over Tatis Jr because Soto already had the virus and is less likely to get it again and be shut down for weeks. Also, would this affect your decision to draft more players from a certain team in case the entire team needs to be shut down? Is this factoring into any of your decisions to draft a player or am I overthinking it?
  12. I'm in ESPN format and he is only DH eligible, thats slightly making me shy away. Will he gain OF eligibility soon?
  13. I pray he doesn't get too sick with the virus- it ran through my entire extended family after my Dad's funeral, but thank God my wife and kids and me never got it and the entire extended family is all healthy now. God Bless everyone, it sucks as a KAT owner but right now fantasy basketball seems like just a minor escape for us in the bigger picture.
  14. So happy I took DH with 6th pick this year in my redraft league, his sluggish start worried me but he always comes to play at season's end. If Titans make the playoffs look out!
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