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  1. 12 plate appearances in 2 days. Injuries aside, he’ll skate to close to 700. I wouldn’t worry about off days.
  2. Looks like he's deciding who he wants to punch next
  3. Yeah, I was thinking more about that Freeman still wants to get paid like a top RB, which I don't think the Colts (or most teams) will spring for.
  4. I think Freeman still wants to get paid, so probably not him. They probably bring someone one else in for a look and some depth, but even then he'd likely be behind Wilkins and no real threat to JT.
  5. Not an Athletic subscriber so I don't know the whole context, but its not like Mack is a Zeke, Barkley or McCaffery, Why would a team spend valuable draft capital just to be Marlon Macks caddy?
  6. I think there was some momentum towards Winker status then the Mets Covid tests happened. Hope he can pick it up where he left off.
  7. I don't think he tested positive, he was in contact with someone that had a confirmed case, so he needed to quarantine and get his 2 negative tests.
  8. The @MattWi77iams thread posted on the first page had a pretty detailed breakdown on his issues.
  9. After a really slow start, he's 11/25 2 HRs and 11 RBI in his last 6 games.Best part, only 3 Ks.
  10. 2/5 2B and a SB yesterday. Ho hum.
  11. Part of what made DJ great was the 30 touches a game. Why would they give a guy coming off a major injury that workload in a lost year?
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