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  1. 12 plate appearances in 2 days. Injuries aside, he’ll skate to close to 700. I wouldn’t worry about off days.
  2. Looks like he's deciding who he wants to punch next
  3. Yeah, I was thinking more about that Freeman still wants to get paid like a top RB, which I don't think the Colts (or most teams) will spring for.
  4. I think Freeman still wants to get paid, so probably not him. They probably bring someone one else in for a look and some depth, but even then he'd likely be behind Wilkins and no real threat to JT.
  5. Not an Athletic subscriber so I don't know the whole context, but its not like Mack is a Zeke, Barkley or McCaffery, Why would a team spend valuable draft capital just to be Marlon Macks caddy?
  6. I think there was some momentum towards Winker status then the Mets Covid tests happened. Hope he can pick it up where he left off.
  7. I don't think he tested positive, he was in contact with someone that had a confirmed case, so he needed to quarantine and get his 2 negative tests.
  8. The @MattWi77iams thread posted on the first page had a pretty detailed breakdown on his issues.
  9. After a really slow start, he's 11/25 2 HRs and 11 RBI in his last 6 games.Best part, only 3 Ks.
  10. 2/5 2B and a SB yesterday. Ho hum.
  11. Part of what made DJ great was the 30 touches a game. Why would they give a guy coming off a major injury that workload in a lost year?
  12. This seems to be a recurring theme. Every week they play a top corner, writers say that Cooper will be limited by him. Then they'll write that he's been struggling and Crabtree is better. The two combined just don't make sense.
  13. I like how he limits it to 1k. Like anyone is going to seriously bet on a message board.
  14. Everyone is going to be all over Kamara, because hes the hot name. But really, AP wasn't robbing Kamara of snaps, he was taking Ingram's.
  15. Yeah, but can't plan for injuries (well, I guess with Charles, probably should have). Needed to have an insurance plan from the beginning here.
  16. Why stop there, trade Thomas, too. And really, who needs Brees when you have Kamara?
  17. Kamara has 15 carries in 4 games, I doubt he'd all of a sudden be the primary runner. Now if Ingram was traded...
  18. I was thinking the same thing until I looked at snap counts. Morris has played 12 snaps all year (0 on STs, which some people surmised was the reason why he was active over DMC). What are they saving DMC for? If they think he can't make 4 snaps a game, I don't think they have faith he can handle 20 touches.
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