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  1. Best +/- of the three Cs. Quality win. Maybe hold for one more game. And Khem Birch has a brighter outlook than this guy.
  2. There is something to see here. 1) Khem started 2) Boucher started alongside him (with guards and Trent out) 3) Most importantly, TORONTO WON! Coach Nurse got exactly what he was looking for in a quality win over Pop's Spurs.
  3. NURK has to be the poster boy for this. Tatum in a low-key way, was supposed to be borderline first rounder. Luka was supposed to be a possible first overall. Booker was supposed to be better than last year (though anyone who knows should know CP3 takes assists from off guards). SGA, Morant are good candidates but I was not fooled into buying personally. Other overpriced "stars": Ayton, Siakam, JJJ of course, Trae, Collins, Mitch. Later rounders: LMA, Bazley, Dort, Wiseman, Ant Edwards, Oubre
  4. In his second game in Toronto, Birch continues his solid play. He is going to get his opportunity. Let's see if he can get some minutes heading into Q4.
  5. Here's what Mr. Man said after that first game. Very relevant.
  6. I hear you. I so hear you. But Brooks also wanted a guy like Gafford on his roster when he didn't have one, so maybe that works in Gafford's favor.
  7. Broadcasters said Gafford was on a minutes limit, which explains the low minutes in the half. This report confirms it: https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/basketball/news/wizards-daniel-gafford-still-on-minutes-limit/ Maybe we ramp up to 20 minutes tonight. But still a future starter, imho.
  8. He's playing great. Ten points and a steal in 7 minutes. Clearly outplaying Len. I predict this guy will start before too long.
  9. It's judgement day for Mr. Gafford. Will he get his 2 blocks? I say yes.
  10. Cosign. Betting against Vic seems to be the winning strategy, sorry to say. I also traded for Jimmy Buckets with the same rationale.
  11. He looked great in those 2 games. But it's still Scott Brooks. Never underestimate his ability to destroy the value of any Center.
  12. Not only is he on a minute limit, but he took an intentional foul in the first half when he needed a breather. So I'm gonna guess he was not too worried about foul trouble limiting his night.
  13. Wow. He was looking so good before the injury.
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