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  1. It's a pure lotto ticket. We should not overthink it. No point speculating. Just wait to see what happens and go from there.
  2. It's wishful thinking to think he will start next to Wood. Great story, but come on now.
  3. I picked him up last night. It seems smart to hold him during the week off rather than risk him getting sniped. What can he do? He should be the backup PG as of March 11, getting 15-20 minutes. He WILL NOT be gifted more minutes, unless he produces. He has to show out in those minutes, which I think he can do. Then, you wait for either an Oladipo trade, or some other event. Ideal situation is he backs up both guard spots, and is the scoring punch off the bench. But a few things have to break right first. Bottom line is there's a path, and that's all we need to put him into a st
  4. Well, this guy has me bummed so far tonight. He has hands of stone, and can't understand offensive spacing.
  5. Dragic's recent decent week is with Butler out. I don't think Dragic is a must-own player anymore. Dragic is not someone I'd rely on but Theo comes with no guarantees. I'd go with Theo for 3 weeks until March 25 and see if he pops (or if Hill gets traded), then decide whether to stream the spot.
  6. Since he began starting Poeltl is #60 ranked in 8 cat, and higher in 9-cat.
  7. Levert could step into a 33 minute role replacing Oladipo in this lineup. They need the help, and have been covering the SG spot with a combination of TJ McConnell and Justin Holiday. Both those guys will go back to their backup roles if Levert comes back to form quickly. So what is he good for? I think Oladipo's numbers from 2018-19 are a realistic possibility. There are some really great charts here: https://basketball.realgm.com/player/Caris-LeVert/Comparison/42322/Victor-Oladipo/22337 The chart below is really interesting. I think Levert can hit all the category numbe
  8. He's one you date, not one you marry. A few injuries make him streamable right now, is all. Don't rely on him long term.
  9. But, on the downside, that outfit is a clear handicap.
  10. Expecting next game versus Houston to be a circus atmosphere. 1) Houston is full of bad finishers at the rim who can't shoot. Sorry to say, but broken down guys who don't have their normal lift, or slashers who can't shoot get shots blocked. 2) It should be a blowout, so there should be a ton of garbage time. Nice time to stream this guy, is all I'm saying. </crystal ball>
  11. Context: Tonight, he was one steal short of a 5x5. According to nba.com/stats, his 4x5 line tonight with 4 steals has been done in only 3 regular season games in the last 25 years, one time each by: Ray Allen, Harden, and DAR.
  12. In preseason, I offered him PLUS another decent player for the following: Horford Draymond Oubre Thomas Bryant Wendell Carter Jr. OG Oladipo Lonzo Brook Lopez
  13. I drafted him, then offered him in trade to every manager in my league before the season began.
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