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  1. Welcome to my do not draft club Will Fuller. Never again.
  2. Back to Hunter Henry. Just too much of a risk now with split TE duties.
  3. This thread is full of misinformation and guessing
  4. hahah. yea, they said he was a WR2 with Week Winning upside, and today its WR3. Rotoworld needs to focus their opinions...
  5. Cook was fine and laughing with people on the sideline minutes after his "injury". People didn't seem to want to talk about that much while they were all oggling Boone on waivers.
  6. Higbee over Henry 100% the right call.
  7. I would say best case is that this isn’t that bad of an injury and he’s going to be fine. Kind of what happened last time. Cook was hanging around on the sideline shortly after the injury and he seemed in good spirits for what it’s worth. At this stage of the season if he felt like he was about to miss serious time I’m sure he’d be a little more put off by the whole thing or Atleast under team medical examination... but this is just my eye test. No more.
  8. The optimism for cook and Mattison to stay hurt so people can score a FA RB is going to be gross... mattison was in no need to hurray back last week. Now they need him and he has a golden opportunity. And maybe Cook will be there, to be fair we know nothing of this injury. All the “severe” stuff comes from opinions and blurbs from people who just watch the game like we do. Injury news the next few days will be big. I pray it’s not a GTD with MNF. Woof.
  9. Cook playing on MNF next week with his backup also hurt and both (as of now) possibly going to be GTDs.... week 16 nightmare
  10. What a fantastic streaming option he was for week 15.
  11. Baltimore is not sitting Lamar next week. He will play. He will probably sit week 17 which is of no regard to most of us.
  12. Really concerned with HH this week. Tough matchup and the Chargers don't look like they are cooking. Strongly considering a switch to Higbee with the hot hand, holding both for the time being.
  13. TB has only had one team score less than 20 points against them, and that was the Jacksonville game where Foles imploded in the first half. Of course the Lions QB situation takes a lot of the luster off of him, but Amendola is a steady Pro and is going to be available all game. If he can get half his targets I bet we’re looking at 10 points in PPR and hopefully the score can allow for a TD. O/U on this game is 47 which is one shy of the highest for the week (I believe). Im not thrilled at all to say I’m the #1 seed flexing Danny Amendola with a 3rd strong QB, but that’s better tha
  14. I'd agree with this if they didn't play Tampa Bay this week at home... Thats not going to be some 10-13 matchup, points are going to drop all over the place in this one. I wouldn't be shocked if Golladay landed WR1 numbers this week and Amendola (Or Hock) ends up WR3 type numbers with touchdown or ppr upside. Seriously considering starting Amendola in PPR in the playoffs for pure volume.
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