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  1. Take it FWIW, CBS is naming Jeff Hoffman and Jose De Leon as fill in replacements for Lorenzen.
  2. This is why AK missing practice is a bummer. Getting a few reps with Jameis to get dumpoffs & checkdown timing right would have been a good thing i think.
  3. Collins was demoted to SEA practice squad a couple days ago, no? With Hyde & Carson back and DeeJay the choice to keep on active roster....I see no value here.
  4. I don't know where Alex Collins comes from but Dallas getting at least 15 touches regardless. I will take that for a flex.
  5. This article says he did & mentioned an arm injury. https://www.seattletimes.com/sports/seahawks/seahawks-jamal-adams-misses-another-practice-deejay-dallas-the-lone-healthy-tailback/
  6. I picked him up on opportunity alone - if he can flash a few plays, Pete Carroll may become smitten and it's all good from there. He just needs touches and do something with them...may be the NW version of James Robinson.
  7. Won't be able to play at all for a few weeks, will not be able to run the same for few months.
  8. That's the funny thing about stats though....it could be argued that the only reason the Chargers are ranked fifth is because they haven't faced James Robinson yet.😉
  9. Take a minute and give back to James Robinson by rating this thread 5 stars.😁
  10. Yea, I'm on the wait-and-see train with Deebo. I have Allen & Golladay ahead of him this week on my team...can't justify starting over James Robinson at flex. It seems they used Aiyuk in similar fashion as they do Deebo & they saw some success with the rook so I think even if Deebo plays most of the game, they will still give a touch or four to Aiyuk which would come primarily from Deebo's touches and I'm sure they have him on a play count anyway. Too much risk there for me this week but I'm confident he will put up points for those who do start him.
  11. Had Golladay & Deebo out first 2 weeks...flex has been JRob. I am in love...smacks of Terrell Davis scenario, not comparing him to TD other than the fact that talent met opportunity & it seems as if he's not going to let it go anytime soon. Jags didn't cut Fournette loose and then not even look on FA market for nothing. JRob is locked in for me.
  12. 17 touches in a lopsided game. 6/6 on targets/receptions so will get touches even when Jags get blown out. I'm PPR so that's all the better.
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