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  1. No way does he lose pt to ibaka. They have completely different tools
  2. Bench him till he shakes off the rust. may be on minutes restriction 1-2 games in before getting the green light
  3. Lost by 2 threes and 4 steals. am giving him and Harrison Barnes the stink eye.
  4. Guys...put the Vaseline away and stop the circle jerks over your photos of KP. hes not coming back this season. next years rookie class is deep and there is zero gain in getting kp back ps- Durant is not going to nyc. This team sucks, management is doo doo and there is no band wagon for him to jump on
  5. I don’t get this trade for the suns. they have a backlog of small forwards in Warren, jackson and miles. Does Austin rivers solve their pg issue?
  6. Getting the wrong Brooks in a trade is what I’d expect to happen from a fantasy bball manager prematurely accepting a trade while sitting on the toilet during a work break.
  7. Lol, whatever you say. You’re a “fact checker”. Got it. Where does his efficiency ranking list him if you remove his 2nd round of the playoffs? He did get shut down pretty badly. He was the main factor in helping the team advance past the first round, as a rookie. Also, for a rookie he had an exceptional 1st season. History shows us that exceptional talents can sometimes make the leap during their sophomore campaign. you can poo poo all you want but you’re having a laugh using hindsight. Those of us that took him in the 2nd round too
  8. I agree with you on passing being a dominant metric, it’s the reason why golden state caught the league off guard, they put 4/5 guys on the floor that can pass the ball with ease and find the open 3. Rubio is a classic point guard. He handles the offensive flow. It is his job to handle the ball. Mitchell is the classic shooting guard and takes shots. I agree, the offense should not be running through Mitchell. AK47 came up during a time when guys like him didn’t really exist. There was Rashard Lewis, Kevin Garnett, Dirk is another guy that comes to mind. New breed of lo
  9. No one is confusing real life basketball vs fantasy here, so let’s get off that high horse you’re on. what Mitchell did in the playoffs for a rookie spoke volumes. I play in a very competitive money league and took a gamble in drafting Mitchell. If he did make the leap and brought his game to that next level...well then he would have first round value. Hardly inconceivable to think since he is the centerpiece of the jazz offense. Lets remember the hyped pick two seasons ago of jokic, who was a 2nd rounder based off of his post asb numbers.
  10. With all due respect to Rudy, Andrei at his peak was a total unicorn. Mitchell showed last year that he could carry a teams scoring in the playoffs.
  11. I play in a yahoo league and took him with my 2nd pick. I figured he was special and would make “the leap” this year but my god...the inconsistency from a 2nd round pick will kill a team. If he could somehow iron out the duds and not have them be so duddy, his ranking wouldn’t be so bad. His threes are not dropping right now and it’s making his overall numbers even uglier. i have no doubt he will figure this out. He is the centerpiece of the jazz and probably their best player since AK47.
  12. As mediocre as his stats have been so far this year. A player with uncontested minutes does get people excited, as we are on page 18 for this dudes thread haha
  13. Had a great game. he could be a part of a 3 man rotation between pf/c minutes hes been stable recently. What are some thoughts?
  14. Before hyping this dude up any further...just have to remember that this the Knicks we are talking about. if this guy is the real deal, the Knicks will find a way to f--- it up
  15. Ariza is too good to be on that team, they will have to move him and start the young guys edit: too good meaning, he could help a team seeking a championship
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