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  1. I did. Huge point on playoff schedule btw, thx. Ja-Sean Tate and Larry Nance Jr were both available on WW and more locked into playing time. I chose Tate due to positional flexibility (SG, SF, PF on yahoo) and the rest of my team.
  2. That's interesting considering OG Anunoby is meant to come back within the next week. Dude was averaging 34 minutes. Boucher at the 5? 🥴
  3. the same point people are making after Boucher has a couple good games every couple weeks.
  4. Jeremy Lamb has been a better fantasy player than Boucher since he got back from injury (the last 2 weeks).
  5. sounds like Quickley's playing time was more a warning to Elfrid than a real changing of the guard (pun intended). Thibs gave Quickley starters minutes a couple games, then Elfrid comes back and puts up his best game of the season... Thibs made his point. damnit.
  6. but what of Quickley's defense? nonexistent? Because i could see thibs not having much patience
  7. Thibs loves defensive effort. Haven't watched the games, elfrid trying harder on D?
  8. Nah Depends on your team. Just swapping pg for pg, White is more well rounded and proven minutes-wise. But, i dunno, let's say you have Dennis Schroeder, and Quickley keeps getting starters minutes....could be a bold move that turns out to be a waiver wire upgrade
  9. Was high on him before I watched him. Dude is lost on defense (despite all his blocks) and his frame is definitely a matchup liability across all 5 positions lol. I can see why Nurse opts for Baines at the 5, honestly. You can't be a 'tough' team with Boucher playing major minutes, which has been a large part of Toronto's identity under his tenure. Dropped him for Zeller. Maybe he gets 20/6/3 blocks every once in a while but actually think Zeller's consistency is an improvement.
  10. I am not in touch with chicago sports, what is going on that Thaddeus is getting these Ben Simmons numbers? Sustainable or stop-gap?
  11. i get the sense Cavs front office wants to run Love til the wheels inevitably fall off (hopefully pre-All Star break) so everyone feels like they gave it a fair shake even tho they know he's dead weight.
  12. Really good comp, actually. Bosh needed to put on muscle early too. This dude will be a savior for anyone with weak rebounding backcourt (i.e. Aldridge), thrilled i snagged him.
  13. You’re not wrong about that. But I do think making bold waiver wire moves early in the season are always part of winning teams. So yeah, I’m (literally) betting Whiteside’s team has chosen to focus on developing young talent, relegating him to 3rd string. Biyombo’s sitch seemed analogous so I used it as a provocative example of minutes:upside. But in actuality, I dropped Whiteside for Larry Nance Jr. I might be craaaazy dumb wrong but, in true risk/reward fantasy fashion, I’ve placed my bet....one game in To note: nobody has picked up Whiteside off waivers in that leagu
  14. only reason Whiteside was good last year because he got starters minutes when Nurkic went down. Now Biyombo is in that same position this year because Zeller went down. Meanwhile Whiteside looks 3rd string. we’re all speculating one game into the season but you can’t just point to “last season” context when it’s so dramatically different. we’ll know more soon enough
  15. So many other options with more upside, including most recently Biyoumbo (follow the minutes). This guy is 3rd string.
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