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  1. Would you do Trout for Bieber straight up? I need pitching.
  2. Yo Brock, good to see you're still on here. This is my first post on here in like... 2 years? 1.5 years? Something like that. How are you feeling about this kid going forward? I might be grabbing him in a dynasty setting. Pretty stoked for him, I think he's just lost atm!
  3. I GIVE:Mike Trout (OF)Javier Baez (SS)I GET:Jack Flaherty (SP)Gleyber Torres (2B/SS)Joe Adell (OF)We keep 20 each year. It's a H2H league, but we might move to roto. My team has been bottom 3 out of 10 for pitching all season. I feel like this trade is good for me, as it allows me to move Lindor (for example) for another big bat. Or, if I keep Lindor, I have a really strong IF going forward and my OF is still pretty good. Not sure about Carlson overall.I am in a bit of a rebuild.My team looks like this, right nowW Smith (C)Grandal (C/1B)Voit (1B)Hampson (SS/2B/OF)Machado (SS/3B)Lindor (SS)Yeli
  4. My entire season is currently riding on Will Smith (Dodgers). I need 2RBI to win.
  5. .291 with 5 dingers, 2sb, .946ops, 9r 10rbi in 55ab last two weeks. Another homer tonight. 27/20 on the year in 497ab. Dude is unreal.
  6. I dunno. The way the game is today, I'm rarely banking on 162. I think if I can get 145/150 out of a player for my fantasy team, that that's good. Anything beyond that is gravy. But I feel you. I think the same way about a lot of players who ooze potential and wonder how they'd be looking for consistent playing time. I s think we're looking at a guy who will be a 20/20 .290+ threat every year which is crazy valuable with the decline in SBs across the MLB.
  7. Ya baby! This guy is killing it again. I tried to move him earlier in the year (needed a bat) and a few people told me they thought he was "done" because he had like 2 bad outings. I go by a combo of innings pitched + pitches thrown. I don't know of another way. Some guys will always just be solid (Greinke, JV, etc) and some guys will end up folding (Shields, Price, possibly Kluber).
  8. He's played 98 games this season (AAA included). The most anyone has played is 131, but Senzel was called up May 3rd. Senzel has played in 91 out of a possible 115 MLB games... Dude is rocking 50R/38RBI with 10HR and 12SB in 342AB. He has 20 doubles and 4 triples, and his triple slash is pretty good for a rookie: .260/.315/.430 I feel like some people were expecting him to come out and hit 20 bombs with 20 steals and a .300 average or something. He missed a good chunk of time last year, and had offseason surgery. He's only 24 and had his first taste of The Show this year and has don
  9. It's been a long grind. Lots of guys were traded for when they were "low" and/or not up yet. I think I actually got Lindor of the WW in year 1. Also bump. Any other help?
  10. In first place, real shot to win it. Been offered JD Martinez for Biggio and Senzel. Could possibly get Blackmon instead. Do it? 10 team H2H dynasty, keep 20 R/H/HR/RBI/SB/AVG/OPS W/K/ERA/WHIP/K9/QS/SV+H C- Smith 1B - Abreu 2B - Muncy 3B Machado SS - Lindor IF - Arenado OF - Senzel OF - Trout OF - Betts OF - Yelich UTL - M Smith UTL - J Polanco UTL- Pollock BN - Biggio NA- N Lowe SP - deGrom SP - Morton RP - W Smith RP - L Hendricks P - K Hendricks P - Corbin P - C Smith P - Folty
  11. Did he? Stats with Washington: 417G: 1814PA: 394 hits, 282R, 273RBI, 38SB, 87HR, 21.2%K v 16.9%BB, .238ISO, .267/.391/.505 with an .897OPS --> 30.6 WAR I'd say that's pretty damn good. Postseason stats: 19G, 89PA, 12R, 10RBI, 4SB, 5HR, .211/.315/.487 is not good, but Trout's post-season is even worse.
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