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  1. Agree with the above. I don't think you need to make any moves with your roster. Thanks for your help on mine.
  2. Thanks. Yeah, I saw that report. Problem is I won't get Davis (or Barber) unless I put in a claim tonight. And even then, with my luck, the Ravens will dust off Terrance West. RBBC is the worst.
  3. Thanks. Gio is owned. Barber is out there, but that situation is obliviously unclear right now. I'm leaning toward Davis since the volume will be there even in a tough matchup.
  4. I'm actually in the same boat. If you have an extra roster spot, go with the Jets or Bills. Check out mine:
  5. I like Goodwin with Jimmy G. out there. Agholor would be a close second. Check out mine:
  6. This is tough, but I'd probably stick with the Jags. I could see that game being low scoring and the Jags getting a few sacks on Wilson. Check out mine:
  7. Agree with the above. Doyle is the best best. Burton had a nice game in Ertz' place the other week too, so he wouldn't be a bad backup plan. Defense is definitely the Pats. Check out mine:
  8. I'd go with Thomas and Thielen. They've been two of the most consistent WRs all year long. Check out mine:
  9. Not sure if Woodhead will be usable in the playoffs ... though of course, he'll go off for a huge game if I cut him. Seems like Davis is the clearcut back in Seattle and I need help with Mixon hurt. (I also cut Riddick last week, and Abdullah had an injury out of nowhere. Riddick is still out there, but I'm not sure I can trust him either.) My other cut options are Stafford (carrying 3 QBs with McCown and Brees) or Amendola (could see more snaps with Gronk out, and this league counts return yards). WHIR!
  10. I hear ya. I have Mariota in my dynasty league. Hopefully they can both cut down on turnovers and become more consistent. I'm planning to drop Riddick. Whoever I drop will probably get picked up in this league, but I'd be a little more nervous if I had to go against Amendola with his random monster games, than Riddick, who's become invisible in that offense. Then again, he'll now have a 4 TD game this week.
  11. Yeah, I looked at his schedule and it's definitely not pretty. I need a win this week to secure a bye. Bortles is owned, but man, I don't think I could bring myself to start Bortles in a playoff game. I think I'll be ok with Brees (@Atl, NYJ, Atl) and Stafford (@TB, Chi, @Cin) after this week.
  12. I’d go with Keenum. None of those other QBs have done much this year to be trustable.
  13. Yeah, I’ve been down that road with Winston. He usually puts up decent points but man is he frustrating to watch for 3 quarters. Gonna go with McCown. Thanks, everyone.
  14. Yeah, I’d make the move for Keenum. I don’t see him being benched this year with how he’s been playing. Check out mine:
  15. I’d go: Hyde Diggs Lewis Walker Maclin Check out mine:
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