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  1. Homer alert. You’re hijacking threads. Related to Tony?
  2. He needs to learn to get to the free throw line. That’s basically my only complaint, he doesn’t want physical contact. Once that happens, he’ll be able to put up 25+ regularly.
  3. If you are in dynasty/keeper league, make sure you grab him if his minutes drop and hits the wire. Dude is a scoring machine and Portland keeps relegating him thus he has refused to sign contract extension and he’ll leave this offseason to somebody looking for scoring threat/outside shooting. Trent is instant offense and I see added minutes will give bump to other categories. I think you’ll see a guy make a jump like we’ve seen with Christian Wood leaving DET for HOU. Wood impacts more cats but will be a good addition.
  4. Porter Jr. Owner. Unbelievable to see him at the 20 min mark, guys like Millsap at 35+ minutes. Just plain bad coaching. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it, but MPJ has had some pretty conservative views on standing up for flag, etc. These seem to go again Malone comments on BLM, etc. At this point, the situation seems vindictive. People can't put a finger on it but just appears Malone doesn't like him. His comments when he went out with Covid was another head scratcher.
  5. JT has come on after rather blah first couple months of the season. That being said, I still like CEH's position. You know who is calling plays, playing QB and stretching defenses for him next season. Colts have 38-39 year old Philip Rivers on a 1 year contract this year. He could come back but I think after he flames out early for the colts in the playoffs, they will realize he will lead them where he's always taken his charger teams... no where necessitating a change under center. Odds are Colts could have a brand new QB next year and 8 man boxes against JT. Saquon, Zeke,
  6. Couple thoughts: What a challenging year for rookies, zero offseason, little preseason, they immediately got thrown into the season and expected to produce. I think it's incredible people still don't get this. Factor in dynamic offense like Reid's, yeah, it's going to take players a little time to adjust. Mahommes started 1 game his rookie year. Kelce started zero and never played before going on IR half way through season. Hill started 1 game. CEH had up and down season. Got COVID & hurt, limiting his games. That said, still did pretty good and stats don't
  7. His year was a disappointment but opportunity still great in KC. He was never going to be a bell-cow. Reid's offense rarely work like that when they have a dynamic QB. That being said, if you drafted him hoping for Brian Westbrook'esqe career, you'll probably be very happy. I own him in a dynasty league so I'll be pulling for him again next season.
  8. Akers picked a bad time to get hurt. He was the lead back it seemed, until then starting the games he dressed for. To his credit, Henderson has started to play well. Can't fault McVay. In ideal world now, Akers takes Browns reps & forces time share. Doubt he starts the rest of the year barring injury. I'm in a keeper league, so in it for the long haul.
  9. Bad Luck for CEH. He's had TD's the last two weeks, both called back by penalties.
  10. Eli looked like hell week 1. Almost looked like he was going out of his way to not throw to Marshall. It was weird watching it.
  11. Eli Manning is a coward. Keep checking it down bro, making your qbr look better.
  12. This guy's shoulder is shot. If he has an ac joint issue, that won't go away, only gets worse with time as it fatigues through a long season. We saw the dodgers try to band aid it with a couple dl visits late but it won't matter. His long term viability in keeper leagues should be suspect.
  13. Correa's efforts + Cruz + Bryant + Rizzo's small AF efforts this week are knocking me out of the playoffs. Thanks for nothing boys!
  14. Yup, what midlip said. And I'm playing Jose Ramirez.
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