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  1. I think you'd probably have to end the fantasy season before the regular season, like any sensible fantasy football league does. Which would suck. Of course, you'd still get burned a lot throughout the season too by phantom injuries and last minute days off. After, say, 10 years of random 87 win teams being crowned champion, I wonder if people would stop viewing it as meaningful to be the world series champs. I again think of the WSOP. After the first few years of the TV boom, most people just stopped caring. I've played poker semi-professionally and even most poker players do
  2. Of course the best regular season record is the best indicator of the best team. Probably, the soccer model is best, where you have a league championship for the best record, then a bunch of cup tournaments that are separate events, but still prized. The lesser teams only win the championship once in a blue moon, but they have a decent shot at the cups. Americans--perhaps we are a gambling people--like a little more luck to be involved and would probably never accept different competitions with different winners. We want one winner, but also for it to be a bit of a crapshoot.
  3. I can't really get unemployment, but good points, for the most part. I didn't know all covid care was free. That's good to know, since I don't have insurance. Might as well get it now, or I'm missing a lot of value!
  4. Yeah, I've been in the gambling biz for 15 years myself. Most of my friends too. We've been talking about it and I think destination casinos like here in vegas are screwed. Macau has done dismal numbers since opening. Local casinos should bounce back imo because their business is driven by addiction. Maybe this or that company goes bankrupt but there will be casinos whenever things become semi normal. I'm sure you've seen first hand how people dump every nickle they have again and again. How welfare day sees a spike in action. I was just saying casinos got b
  5. Not sure what the tinfoil hat in reference to, but I think most of this is common knowledge. Bailout money has gone to or they are working on getting it for: cruise lines that operate under foreign flags to avoid taxes, airlines, chain restaurants, casinos (!), lobbyists (!!) and many others. IDK how you could be unaware of this, but... https://www.propublica.org/article/how-the-coronavirus-bailout-repeats-2008s-mistakes-huge-corporate-payoffs-with-little-accountability Senate votes to let FBI to seize web history without a warrant: https://gizmodo.com/heres-who-just-voted-to-l
  6. You forgot another element. Both sides have attended to their number one priority, which is to loot the country of hundreds of billions, probably soon to be over a trillion, on behalf of their donors and the wealthy. And also to increase authoritarianism. I don't mean the lockdowns, which I'm fine with. But stuff like passing legislation to allow the FBI to view your browser history without a warrant. Americans also seem to be receiving significantly less aid than individuals in other countries, with significantly more red tape, and of course many will come out of this with cripplin
  7. I know it was well received, at the time, but I still think that is an underrated movie. Funny, scary, thought provoking. A really cool concept that could not have been executed better.
  8. The other guy (Barr?) got served with warrants by the FBI. They took his phone too. Hopefully, she's next. In a perfect world, they'd both be convicted of treason. But in the real world, maybe we can hope for a couple years in club fed and being mentioned in history books as the lowest of the low during this event.
  9. Plus, even if Bill Gates does implant me with a mind control chip, he'll probably do a better job of running my life than I have up till now.
  10. 2. In particular is maddening, as that's spilled over to many other areas with all the corporate bail outs. All the owners/investors really bring to the table is that they are assuming risk. The minute the downside of risk hits, they demand that it is passed onto others. They got their way on a federal level, hopefully the players don't let them get it here.
  11. The U.S. is becoming a failed state. Dems. and Reps. alike have taken a long vacation smack in the middle of this and right now they are working on getting bailout money to lobbying firms. That's not some satirical joke. They are seriously going to give bailout money to lobbyists. The bailout package was over $6,000 for every person in the U.S., including kids. Where did it go? I'm among those who have yet to receive a cent. (Luckily, I'm OK. But I could still use it!) The actual response as far as epidemiology goes is above my head, but it's clear to see that it was as broke
  12. Weird. A couple years ago I used to watch that guy's vids making fun of essential oils and stuff. Now he's an anti-vaxer who thinks Bill Gates wants to microchip him.
  13. Yeah, it's just the valuation of the biggest corps and means very little about the state of the economy for most people. Corona will help the stock market in some ways. They are getting massive hand outs from the feds. A lot of small businesses will be destroyed. If Joe's coffee goes out of business, that's great for Starbucks. If Mary's salon goes down, that's great news for Super Cuts. If Billy's Burgers shutters that's awesome for Burger King. It also means the middle class shrunk, local workers will probably get paid less, consumers have fewer choices and less money will circulate
  14. Meanwhile, back on planet earth, in addition to cruise lines that operate under foreign flags and lobbying firms, looks like some of your bailout money is going to go to predatory lenders.
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