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  1. 14 runs for the Jays and narry a homer. Seems a bit unusual.
  2. [...] if I could trade him for like, Baez, who went in the 7th round, I would in a hearbeat.
  3. I have some shares in bestball, which is the ideal format for him. This is how I see it though. I was unhappy with the trade, because it's hard to see how he plays. I'll be happy if he spends time as a bench bat and cracks my lineup 2 or 3 weeks. Also, he sucks at stealing bases and the Rangers let him do it anyway for whatever reason. I'd guess that the Yankees won't. But you never know. It is a great park and lineup and he has power. Maybe they figure out how to improve him. Maybe enough injuries occur. Maybe you get a guy who paces at like .230 35HR and 4-5SB.
  4. I fell on my last ski run of the year and there was a fair amount of pain in my manboob/pec and right away I thought, crap, I got the Eloy injury*. Might be a little bit too into FBB. *I'm fine, it's just sore.
  5. As a Caleb Smith owner, not thrilled to see him coming out of the pen. But 5 ks in 2 IPs is nice. Hopefully a sign of things to come. Either he gets it back together as a starter, or is this years lethal middle reliever.
  6. Yeah, I think fantasy people hate on the rockies too much. Every guy with a bit of power and speed could be fantasy gold with full PT playing in Coors. And we want our fantasy gold. But it doesn't follow that the Rockies are always stupid for bringing in veteran bats or not treating a dude like Hampson as if he were the next Bonds.
  7. Garrett's outing reminded me of how a radio guy was castigating the Angels for bringing in Iglesias in non-save situations. Fact or Myth that when these guys are geared up to close, they sometimes have mental let downs when not put into closer situations.
  8. 12ks in 6 1/3. He is a beast in all formats, but if you play in a league with an innings cap, Bieber is Satan.
  9. Was sitting her counting my money, having ohtani on 5/7 teams, where he counts as one player.
  10. Ohtani is good at playing baseball imo.
  11. Because it is the top one listed on fangraphs, making it the easiest. It doesn't really matter much, I think. The point is the impact of today's starts on the projections for the whole season.
  12. I have several shares, but thanks to the guys who sniped me in three drafts for minimizing the damage.
  13. Did a little test. I took the projections from The Bat and just tacked today's games on as extra starts. Darvish went from 3.57 era to 3.70 whip 1.12 to 1.146 Glasnow went from 3.4 to 3.24 Whip 1.12 to 1.087* So that's the difference one game makes. IMO, it would be enough to move them in the draft if you psychically knew the week 1 results. (Why aren't you in Vegas though?) * I do not stand by my math.
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