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  1. I'd say he's either opting out in '22 or signs a 5 year extension.
  2. It's very easy to make him one player in Yahoo. Add a dead spot to every team and the advantages of 1 player Ohtani magically appear. Not ideal but it works. Last year we had 2 dead spots b/c the annoying Ohtani owner decided to draft McKay as well.
  3. From Yahoo. Not sure if you tried this: Yes, you can use the steps here to renew: https://t.co/fvDHEKTRAc If your league renewed in 2020 but didn't draft, please provide your 2019 league ID so our engineering team can manually fix it for you.
  4. Reach out to @YahooFantasyCareCC on Twitter. Other people have done so and they asked them for their 2019 league ID. Not sure what happened after but its worth a shot.
  5. As the roster is constructed now, no. Nimmo is. However, if the league come to an agreement on the DH before the season he would most likely be starting CF as Almora has an option.
  6. Yes he is the starting 2B. May play some 3B from time to time if they don't trade for a better fielder than Davis. Villar could move to 2B and McNeil to 3B to improve the defense late in the game or they may just put Villar at 3B late.
  7. Are you interested in making a trade? Send me an offer. -Oh so you want me to do all the work in constructing a trade.
  8. Anybody who usually does their auction remotely have a good solution for their draft, whether it be zoom, google meets etc., plus an app that can handle a 4 hr auction with customizable settings?
  9. Yeah it was not a commissioner just someone with bad jnfo. By the way, how is the CBS app. I've used then for survivor pools and ncaa tourny and its not the greatest. Wondering how baseball is as far as perfomance and if it replicates the desktop site.
  10. Fair assessment. Our league was going to move to CBS a few years ago but at the time they locked rosters after the start of 1st game. That was a showstopper for us. I believe they have since fixed that to locking at start of each game. Only other site I can give some insight into is OnRoto which was great from a commissioner standpoint, as its very customizable, but the interface and lack of app needed a lot of work. Not very user friendly coming from Yahoo.
  11. By far the best free platform for simple redraft leagues. Not good for dynasty/keeper leagues. Its as if Yahoo doesn't understand the concept of keeper/auction leagues and what it takes to manage them. They are the oldest platform, you would think they'd be ahead of all in all facets of fantasy.
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