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  1. You can't put the lower bid higher than the higher bid in your waiver priority.
  2. I don't trust that they are. Very frustrating thinking the live stats last night were correct when in fact they were not.
  3. Keep eye on Mets/Marlins. Supposed to rain all day in NYC.
  4. Not a great site for closer speculation.
  5. Any insight into where he will be batting in the order upon Springer's return?
  6. Yahoo only site that has the extra inning runner as earned
  7. So Indians are gonna win what 75 games? Probably be about half save ops. Yeah no need for those on anyone's team.😉
  8. Hand on Covid list so Hudson/Rainey will get some saves to start.
  9. I do agree not to spend a lot for a catcher or use a high draft selection, but going no catcher when there are games played limits at each position is giving away stats/cats to the competition.
  10. Melancon is on borrowed time. I am willing to bet he doesn't lead the team in saves by the end of the year.
  11. I actually roster 2 in a 1 catcher Roto, but with games played limits. There are more counting stats than % stats and I want to accumulate as many as I can at each position. If you get 2 decent avg. catchers then this will work to your advantage.
  12. There might be a limit on acquisitions per matchup.
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