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  1. I know [we] go through this with every Colorado player, but the home/road splits concern me as a STL fan. Nearly 200 points on OPS and 59 on AVG
  2. The general football fan just doesn't really understand football, not December football... STFU Colinsworth
  3. This might be too hot of a take, but I think Tua should try passes over 1.5 yards Tua Bradford
  4. Did the color guy just say that a wild card birth is at stake for the Lions? They’re 5-9... And eliminated Edit - maybe I misheard and he meant TB
  5. Isn't he banged up? Was hoping to play O'Shaun for the minimum on DK
  6. What are these decent weapons? Hollywood has been a bust, maybe because Lamar can’t get him the ball... But RG3 is no better. Dez, Snead, Gus Bus?
  7. Zeke is gonna be Siiick DK value next week at $5600 🙄
  8. Washington should just put all their wide receivers in the backfield
  9. Soooooo why is SEA running with a street free agent vs. letting Russ throw? Now delay of game, SEA sucks
  10. You guys see the stat where AG has ONE touch on 3rd downs 😢
  11. Bad weather? I’m seeing mid 70s, no rain, 15-20 MPH wind. But wind shouldn’t really affect the 12 dump off passes CMC gets
  12. Round 1 - Michael Thomas Round 2 - Austin Ekeler Round 5 - Courtland Sutton Round 6 - Zach Ertz Round 8 - Tarik Cohen
  13. Obviously AB is bad for Scoots, but he’s put up 4/6 good games basically 6/109/1 yesterday on 9 targets
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