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  1. What are we doing in weekly leagues? I assume he’ll be back at some point this week, but then you run into the issue of him being bad...
  2. Was gonna try and pick up YNoa and Weaver guess not
  3. Is it just me or are you getting “Request Denied” on yahoo fantasy? Was doing waivers and got this error
  4. Carlos Martinez, the starter. And, maybe overall “This was 11th consecutive C-Mart start that didn't go beyond 5.0 innings. He's 0-8 and team is 2-9 during stretch. ERA during span up to 8.15. Opponents slashing .310/.367/.531.” Generally that doesn’t play in the Majors
  5. Today’s broadcast mentioned his LHH/RHH splits. Maybe he should just hit right handed...
  6. Most shocking thing ever is that Justin Upton is only 33. I swear I remember him playing in like 2001
  7. Wainwright survived his 2016, 17, 18, and 19 old yeller shootings and came back strong in 20. But he needs to officially be finished off
  8. Fair points. I guess when I hear a pitcher is tossing 4 innings I just assume it won’t be another month. But you’re probably right, in those simulated games he maybe isn’t doing everything
  9. I saw on Twitter that he’s “stretched out to 4 innings” and going to Mets alt-site. But then those same tweets I’m seeing replies of Mid-May If he’s at 4 inning and “feeling really really good” why are people projecting another month?
  10. ... Is PG just a guy now? Going back to 2019, he has 40 HRs and 40 Doubles in 827 ABs. 820 OPS, only 4 SBs.
  11. I remember listening to like 2 podcasts with Derek Carty, who does the BAT and BAT X projections. And Votto was one of his most underrated players, I even tried to target him way way late as 1B/CI... I thankfully didn't get him
  12. Really? As a Birds fan I see almost nothing here. MAYBE if he puts it together and stays healthy he’s a 25 HR guy with low BA and low OBP
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