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  1. Steals got away from me during the draft (except for Mondesi). Which of theses two do you think will be the better pick up? TIA!
  2. Speed got away from me in the draft, other than Mondesi. Who would you guys take a flyer on from these two? Straw - Hou Hampson - Col TIA!
  3. Looking at ways to adapt my pitching strategy to adjust to possible changes in utilization. Any MR’s that you are looking at that could be a sneaky source of Wins with good ratios?
  4. I thought he went to a site called Major League Fantasy Sports...went to that site recently and the last article was written 2 years ago.
  5. Yeah, we’re 3 weeks into the season and Joey Gallo has more stolen bases than Turner and Mondesi COMBINED...
  6. Thanks guys, that is what we set it to (550). We decided today to switch to Roto from H2H this year because of everything going on and all the uncertainties...H2H just didn’t seem like it would work this year.
  7. For those of you in Roto leagues, if you have a Max Innings limit, what are you using?
  8. I’ve debated making that switch for a couple of years, this will probably be the year I finally take the plunge.
  9. I apologize if this is not the proper place for this topic, didn't know where else to post... I just received my monthly statement, and the first installment for it has posted, despite the season not starting. For those of you that subscribe to this package, how are you handling it? I'm leaning towards canceling it, and then sign up again if/when the season starts again (or choose the cheaper MLB TV option). Thoughts?
  10. Just looked over my team from last year, and completely forgot that I picked up JD Davis off FA during the season, so he would count as a 19th round pick. Would you keep him over Eloy or DJ?
  11. Pretty new to the keeper league format, and need to choose 4 of the 7 below. Can keep for 3 years, lose the pick of the round the player was drafted (increases 1 round each year). Thanks in advance for your advice! Jose Ramirez - 2nd round Suarez - 3rd Donaldson - 8th Snell - 14th Eloy - 17th Vlad Jr - 19th DJ LeMahieu - 20th
  12. Thanks for that info! I completely forgot about the reinjury, good call on the “fade” verdict.
  13. Curious as to the reason why? IIRC he was a great source for SB’s, and I think he picked right up where he left off when he returned from injury (but i may be mistaken).
  14. Yeah, i need a slap upside the head sometimes...
  15. Is anyone who has both Cook and Mattison benching Cook for Mattison? At first glance it would seem crazy, but it kind of makes sense. I could see Mattison being used as the GL back to keep Cook getting pounded on that shoulder, and if the Vikes get up early, they would be smart to take him off the field.
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