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  1. PRETTY PLEASE just tell me this guy's FG% can be better than devonte graham's
  2. love the talent, but all things considered, you have to be really desperate to start this guy in redraft at this pt. I'd rather a middling guy than Claypool this week, and won't lose any sleep if Claypool randomly explodes.
  3. AB is the same height and weighs only 2 lbs more than this guy, I don't buy that. Either he isn't currently who people thought he was, or he's just not that good at playing with injuries. At the rate he's picking up these small injuries, neither one of these outcomes make it easy to start him right now. [...]
  4. Last minute decision for me = bench. I'm on this train SUPER late, I just know he's been a perennial bonehead in the past. I know the whole adjustments talk and what he's done in the past 20 IP, but I'll feel alot more comfy with this guy AFTER seeing him dust the braves off so I'm playing it safe here. Besides, if this is a real breakout then we'll get plenty more starts out of this guy. This coming from someone that really needs innings but ratios can't afford to be battered much.
  5. If Minter could actually pitch good I think he could overtake Jackson. From a redraft perspective I'm not really convinced this guy can pitch good. To me it seemed like a foregone conclusion that as long as ATL is in contention they will likely hunt for relief help. My money is on their second half closer being on a different team/free agency.
  6. My supervisor has the Kevin Cron smile, the guy is one the most untrustworthy people I've ever worked with. Anything you say he is liable to spin it and deliver it to someone else out of context. Don't trust Kevin, trust Yordan.
  7. Yeah, rockies are among the worst in the league on the road OR against righties. Rockies lefty bats vs RHPs are like 20th in wRC+. Deploying him confidently here. I'm expecting a gem from this guy today, I can live with the variance in this scenario in the event I'm wrong assuming he not dealing with some phantom injury.
  8. assuming standard 5 x 5...I think this is personal preference, leaning towards the hitters, but TBH, I would be really set on countering that offer with Bogaerts + x pitcher so it's a 3 for 2 deal. X obviously is a lower caliber pitcher than Sale and Snell. I just don't see the pt of having Lindor, Bogaerts, Seager, and Rodgers. Make him take one of those SS's back, that way you aint giving up 2 aces at once anyway. 1B is more of the position you want to fix anyway, you obviously don't even need Lindor fr fr.
  9. Was coming here just to say the same. I tried to convince myself but the brewers are a top 10 lefty hitting team and Eickhoff's splits this year still look bad against lefties. He still needs to show and prove against them.
  10. Yo that freeze frame of his delivery on that article doesn't even look real the way his legs are๐Ÿ˜‚...that just gave me new context on how Kershaw's bad back inhibits him. There's no way in the world you can comfortably get into that kind of a position with a bad back lol. Can't believe I'm being sold on this guy again, but you never know when the breakout can happen so you just gotta be a glutton for fantasy punishment. I mean, inevitably he HAS to breakout one of these years right??? ๐Ÿ˜„
  11. I'm holding (in a league that counts walks), but this dude is getting murdered by lefties like never before this year. I just hope he's not playing through some low key nagging injury that he'll have to deal with the whole season...
  12. So basically if he happens to figure out lefties this year then you feel confident he's a certified ace?
  13. Alvarado/Castillo resting excuse don't work this time...
  14. I'm not seeing the incentive, and I'm drawing a blank for recent baseball case precedents. No mention of retiring or health issues that I recall either. I just don't see it. I'm more concerned about when he signs than will he sign. Ain't seen any recent news, and I get this feeling that most people just assuming that he's coming back to any team to close.
  15. it's not possible Kimbrel stays unsigned all year right?
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