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  1. I know it sucks. I'm still confident he'll come back to us though don't listen to all these pessimists. His track record is too good for this to last.
  2. I'm an owner as well bro. The amount of negativity on here is absurd. Your post is rather foolish...look at the posts people are panicking after 3 STARTS!
  3. Uh-oh first 2 on against Halladay. QUICK EVERYONE PANIC!
  4. Let's hope he settles down and pitches good the rest of the game! The negativity is brutal let's go
  5. He goes through these rough stretches people. Does anyone know anything about this guy? The negativity on here is ridiculous!
  6. I think it's way to early. He's had bad stretches before and then he goes on a dominant stretch. He's going to throw a gem tonight mark my words.
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