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  1. Might be right. But opportunity is half the battle in fantasy. Look at somebody like Travis Fulgham who had excellent value for a few games earlier this year with a depleted WR corps. Could be something similar tonight if Allen is out. Somebody is going to catch the ball and we know Henry will probably just have his normal 4-5 catches for 40 yards stat line.
  2. Debating playing Johnson tonight. I'm waiting to see if Allen is active. If he is and playing in any capacity, not messing with Johnson. But if he's out, there's bound to be 7-10 targets coming Johnson's way IMO.
  3. I have Wilson and debating what to do with him. [...] If I knew for sure that Wilson would play 80% of the snaps or something, I'd probably be all in on him. But that 49ers running game is just so all over the board. For all we know, Coleman and McKinnon could both come out and see a good number of snaps this week with Wilson still getting his normal 8-10 carries and needing TD's for a solid fantasy game. I think Wilson is a good start if you're in a pinch but I'm not sure I'm playing him over more "proven" guys that you feel good about getting 15 touches.
  4. Monty showing up well the last few weeks. That said though, he's still a guy that I'll be putting the brakes on next year as long as Nagy is there. I mean, this guy ripped off an 80 yard run on his first carry and got like 4-5 carries the rest of the half. And then only gets a handful of carries in the second half when they had a huge lead at half-time. And it's surely not the first time I've been irritated watching Bears games as a Monty owner. It's downright frustrating seeing how much Patterson is used....And considering how bog-average Patterson has been running the ball all s
  5. Really not sure I could trust Jacobs even if he plays. I mean, ankles are tough and easily tweaked. Not to mention that Raiders usage of Jacobs has been pretty frustrating this year even when Jacobs was healthy using Booker so often. And on top of it all, the matchup is tough although not sure the matchup overly worries me. Obviously it would depend on your other options though.
  6. One thing I've learned this year (and that I probably should've learned last year) is that I'm staying away from Bengals players if I can help it. I mean, their coyness with injuries is downright maddening. They had the AJ Green debacle last year where they downplayed what was going on and he ended up missing all season. And now we have something similar with Mixon. Unless their coaching changes, I just really want no part of this team unless I'm getting players at a huge discount.
  7. Not sure anybody can really answer that. I'm not even sure the SF coaches know what they're doing half the time until the game starts unfolding. I grabbed Wilson in one of my deeper leagues that I'm a bit thin at RB. He just kind of impresses me and always seems like a forgotten man in that backfield. He's nothing flashy but runs hard every time he gets a chance. Mostert has a tough time staying healthy and that Week 15 matchup against the Cowboys could be a nice spot to use Wilson in a pinch. That said though, he's probably likely to always find himself in a committee with
  8. I did watch some of the game.....Weather seemed to be a bit of an issue. Also didn't help Wentz was pressured a lot and generally stunk again. On the bright side, he did see targets and he's on the field almost the whole game. Think he played 96% of the snaps or something. I've watched this kid a lot this year and I do think he's pretty good. I do think if he keeps seeing the snaps he's seeing that something good is bound to happen. Tough banking on anybody in this offense when the QB play has been so terrible though.
  9. Yeah, agree. I actually bought low on Montgomery this week. I mean, his usage was pretty good. He get's points as a receiver also. Just really missing the spike games. He's basically 10 points every week. It would be nice if his floor was 10 but his ceiling has been 10 too lol. It was evident the last game against the Vikings that the Bears really have nothing behind Monty. I'm still not sold that Monty is a bad player. I just think the problems are more Nagy and the Bears trash offense in general. Maybe having a real QB would help some.
  10. I watched the whole Week 7 game. Bradberry was on Desean Jackson in that game whenever Jackson was on the field. And Bradberry locked up with Fulgham whenever Jackson was out. Jackson was playing for most of the game until he got hurt in the 4th quarter. Didn't watch any of last weeks game though so no idea what went on other than it just looked like Wentz mostly stunk.
  11. People keep waiting for Gurley to go down injured but it hasn't happened. I question if Hill would really be a feature RB if Gurley were hurt. I think Ito Smith would probably factor in a bit. And they'd probably find somebody else to work in too.
  12. Agree. I don't think Breida factors highly in the Dolphins plans based upon his usage previously this year. Ahmed seems a lot like Gaskin to me in terms of his style and skills. I think he probably plays as much as Gaskin did. Breida will work in for a handful of touches at best and that's about it IMO.
  13. Another that's benching...which if things go the way they've went all season for me means he probably scores 25 point this week. Anyways, I just think Fulgham was rolling when he was basically the only reliable target standing. Now guys are getting healthy....And mixed with Wentz playing poorly, makes him a sit IMO. He'll probably still have some good games but seems logical to think his consistency takes a big hit with more healthy bodies around. I didn't watch last weeks game but I'm assuming Bradberry probably had him locked down and Wentz just went other places. Maybe he'l
  14. I'm right there with you. Starting one of these 2 guys and bouncing back and forth. I could start Kelley also but I'm done with him. I'm leaning Ballage in the revenge game also. I mean, Pope has never had more than 10 carries in an NFL game. I think he's a Boston Scott type player that will be best used in that change of pace role for a handful of carries with a few receptions maybe mixed in. Just don't think the ceiling is very high. Ballage really has done fairly well in his limited work this year with 18 carries for 82 yards (4.6) and also 11 catches in very little time. So
  15. Trying to make the same exact decision between Ballage and Pope. I think one of those guys probably has a decent week but tough predicting which one assuming both are active. I guess we have to watch and see if Ballage is even called back up from the practice squad first or it may be a moot point. Pope is pretty good too though....reminds me of Boston Scott. I think Pope probably will be a decent play as he should see majority of receiving work with some carries mixed in. He sure looks like the shiftiest/quickest out out Kelley/Ballage. But to me Ballage looked better last we
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