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  1. http://www.hittrackeronline.com/ espn has it as 437 feet, about what it looked like to me.
  2. Haha i know, i was watching live and i knew it was gone before he even swung. Even slumping i could see that one was gonna get crushed before it was 3/4ths to the plate
  3. MLB network was going on and on like it was the longest HR ever hit. I don't think it was even that far. It was almost down the line. The corner is what, 330? It was coming almost straight down when it hit the stands. Probably like 440 or something. I mean it was a bomb obviously, but not a 500 foot HR or anything close
  4. First time i've ever seen this guy today. Loved what i saw. I missed the first walk. But the second AB he jumped all over and absolutely hammered a high 1-2 fastball one hopped into the corner, but just foul. Hammered. Then a very hard groundball right at bellinger on the next pitch. Next AB he hammered a lineout to center. Looked very explosive and strong from what i saw.
  5. wowzers, doolittle almost taken yard for a BS by paul revere. And now faces mikey baseball with runners on 2nd and 3rd scratch that, by Kole. paul revere is on 3rd trout retired on a close play, now fat albert for the save
  6. nobody knows, check out what people just said. It lined up that if madson handled the 8th the 9th was set for S/L/L, so it's the optimal situation for a doolittle save. So we still don't know for sure. It may be both of them.
  7. That's why i asked, i guessed maybe they'd do it just for fan morale or something. I don't have time to stay right on top of all of it.
  8. Sounds like you know a lot. When do you figure it will happen?
  9. He came in in the 7th to face turner with somebody on. Started the 8th and gave up 2 hits and got pulled
  10. I don't doubt it. Saw him beat out a basically routine grounder to short a couple weeks ago. A left-handed trout with unfortunate holes in his swing.
  11. Thankfully. But it looked like the glove almost got him heh. I only saw the slide once but it looked like the glove caught the ground in a different way and didn't slide over it like he expected, and it looked like it could have doubled his wrist up underneath him. Needs a little practice with it it looked like. I only saw it at full speed so i don't know. jeez the dive back into first wasn't too slick either. out of practice i guess http://m.mlb.com/video/topic/8878992/v1607693583/tblaa-trout-discusses-return-to-the-halos-lineup/?cid=ana
  12. Anybody with some stat nerd analysis skills want to share on this guy? up, down, sideways? What's the deal?
  13. saw that, i didn't realize he was that fast
  14. But all those times were at sea level. Could be a little different ballgame here, we'll see
  15. wow only 4 games even though he wanted to throw a helmet and hit him in the face
  16. Lmfao Why do you keep saying "in the face" in post after post. Nobody got hit in the face. Either guy could have been hit in the face. In the face
  17. Lol. I am neither an owner nor a fan. How many have been killed by batting helmets, lol? You can't even figure out that you're holding Harper to "hitting him in the face" for missing him, while dismissing Strickland who actually did hit bryce because "as you can see Harper is fine". Both were dangerous, the pitch much moreso in my opinipn, but whatevee. Thanks for the laughs this morning ace, have a good day
  18. 1 major leaguer. I remember two different high schoolers in the last 10 or so years.
  19. Are you kidding? You don't understand the point is that throwing at somebody can end seasons or even careers? It doesn't matter where it hit him, the point is it's dangerous as hell, not "as you can see Harper is fine". He could have broken his wrist like freddie, or Stanton when he got hit in the face, or a hundred other guys. Guys have been killed by pitched baseballs.
  20. He took a little crow hop/windup and tried to throw it at him, it just slipped out of his hand. I don't see why it should make any difference, way more likely to kill somebody with a baseball at 98 mph than a throwing a helmet. A bat, yea i can see that'd get extra time.
  21. Same here, i don't even own him this year but just root for greatness. I hope this doesn't damper his willingness to steal. Just wear the glove, i remember saying it back in 2014 when i did own him, that it's incredible they'd let him risk injury in any way that could be so easily avoided.
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