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  1. We don't all get to chose the leagues we play in. I argued against it I lost. The reality is you are arguing that huerter is light years ahead of RJ, but what you really meant to say, is that in your settings this is true. You provided no statistics or context for anyone to really judge your content on its merits since it was such a blanket statement, proven to be untrue. If you want to make foolish generic statements like RJ not being anywhere close to Huerter, you can at least put some context on it, especially since you apparantly realize that RJ has more value in other settings.
  2. Im playing Reed over Logan Thomas because Im playing my nemesis and I want to be able to say I beat him with Jordan Reed on my team.
  3. I wonder if we will see them both on the field at the same time. watkins is injured anyway, so we could see some packages of kelce, hill, mecole, ceh, and bell. actually sounds kind of deadly.
  4. even if bell signs here, I imagine he wont suit up for the dolphins this week? (i hope), heading into a bye week, could give us at least an opportunity to process the situation for 2 weeks before feeling the impact.
  5. I traded Melvin Gordon for Robby Anderson and by the time I woke up the next morning, Melvin Gordon had a DUI COOL STORY BROOOOO
  6. I think I would try to get him to add one of his cheaper receivers, or to downgrade your receiver so that you end up kupp and metcalf somehow. I think slayton could be in for a good game today and might be able to use that to upgrade him somehow
  7. i do like gibson, but it is hard to sit anyone versus the jets so Id go with Drake. you most likely invested in him so might as well give him his last shot versus the jets
  8. Melvin Gordon (monday @NE) Michael Gallup (vs NYG) Myles Gaskin (@SF)
  9. meniscus surgery, out 2 -4. very disappointing http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001055662/article/injuries-pats-isaiah-wynn-to-have-mri-on-injured-toe
  10. How would you guys set the below lineup. Due to tyreek Hill and guice both going down I have a variety of options. Pick 1 WR, 1 Flex, 2 RB WR Mecole hardman Terry Mclaurin DK Metcalf RB Miles Sanders Malcolm Brown Adrian Peterson Justice Hill Thanks for your opinions, leave links!
  11. a quick google of 3 year old boxing would challenge your second assertion.
  12. Everyone knows number of rotoworld posts is a direct correlation to fantasy skill and football knowledge. Only a rookie wouldn't know that!
  13. bruh you clearly arent familiar with what an opinion is, i'd just let it die. the fact that some guy wrote an article that zeke likes it in dallas (noone is debating that) means hes going to accept less than we he wants. even in your blurb... "gordon is on a contract year and zeke is not" means that gordon has a greater risk of hurting his own value on a free agent contract if he doesnt play / only plays 6 (zeke can grow is value back next year). If you insist on following blind opinion of writers as fact and ignoring reality, thats on you. somehow I dont think everyone is wrong, and you're r
  14. As someone who also plays in keeper leagues, i actually found it insightful, it isn't very hard to translate the rounds (or maybe it is, i shouldn't assume). No need to be so cranky because people play in different leagues than you. The disparity in draft positions actually make quite clear sense if you understood that one of them has leverage, and the other doesn't. The value is related to the likeliness that zeke will get what he wants, but gordon wont. Whether that ends up being true or not, it clearly makes sense when evaluating value.
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