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  1. Like this post if you took at 1.1 in a dynasty/keeper and now wish you'd taken JT instead ---->
  2. Jimmy is OK. Nick Bosa is what makes this team a SB contender instead of .500.
  3. On the sanders td, shoukdnt it have been a forward pass? I thought if you handed it off forward it was considered a pass.
  4. When you hand it off forward like that, shouldnt it be a forward pass?
  5. He has run just fine when he gets the ball. I drafted him because jones and williams were going to be FAs and he doesnt skip leg day. Havent seen much that impressed me, hope he can get a few dozen carries before the GB season ends.
  6. And his commitment. Feels like he quit on the team, or is adopting an attitude of "why bother risking anything for this trainwreck of a team". I apologize if hes genuinely hurt.
  7. How brave of you. Arent the ravens missing 10 starters?
  8. He is now suiting up for wednesday! Too bad i cant put him in my lineup now...
  9. It was fun but i agree, a converted wr off the practice squad was a long shot.
  10. Worth it!! Thats how movies are written. Can't wait!
  11. Thats how movies are written. Can't wait!
  12. Does this mean dobbins has a chance to play?
  13. Id say its more like keeping a kicker or defense in your lineup while theyre on bye versus giving up quality bench depth to pick up a one week streamer. Keeping hill at TE versus putting my qb1, wr1, and rb3 back in the lineup, not to mention sitting out of waivers are the costs to this benefit. I may terrorize this league. Tell them that the only way Hill leaves my lineup is if they cut something good enough on the WW for me to justify dropping him... And no one picks him up before me (i am dead last in ww priority at the moment, btw). Lets make fantasy football fun again.
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