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  1. I think he's looked quick and elusive in what limited video I can find of him. Definitely a good guy to roll the dice on and see if he pans out.
  2. Ok, everyone is visiting your profile to see your avatar, lol

  3. I can see why you have a 5 star rating. Thanks for the fantasy advice.

  4. From the blurb on Rotoworld and Jubanton's post, it sounds like he would be eligible Week 5 regardless of the team he goes to.
  5. Don't bench Gates. I don't see how luck was involved in this case. You're in the playoffs, use your best players. That loss was all on you. Fantasy Football does have a lot of luck though.

  6. His avatar is Lucy Pinder, for those of you wondering. :)

  7. Who is the woman in your avatar?

  8. LOL, we are all visiting your profile for the chick...

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