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  1. i can't drop a guy with that kind of WHIP and who's absolutely dominated (that doesn't even justify what he's done) the minor leagues. continuing to hold.
  2. are you getting that from the rotoworld/yahoo blurb? i believe they were recapping what his treatment was (walking boot for a month) back in May. I could be wrong, but it sounded like this move to the 60 day DL doesn't affect anything, as that 60 days would be up in July. I haven't heard how his checkup went today, so that's the next update we need to hear. i agree though that at this point expectations should not be anywhere that could lead to any kind of disappointment. ie. don't even expect him back this year..
  3. pitching like a boss so far. a bit underwhelming with the Ks, but who cares with this kind of performance.
  4. can't lie, if that's his final line, and this is a hiccup, we can all live with that. could have been worse, but could have been better too in spots. for me i'm holding. but then again my waiver wire is pretty damn bare.
  5. sweet, DP. reddick with the cannon home. that will at least limit the bleeding, that could have been much uglier.
  6. i was gonna say he's still in line for a QS but seems like he's blown that idea here in the 5th..
  7. unrealll. needed that win bad too. Poolittle with the BS
  8. FILTHY glad i picked him up this week. could even end up being a mainstay. possibly turned a corner here boys. he did me dirty earlier in the year, but i just couldn't resist anymore!
  9. don't think i trust him against the white sox later this week. if he can throw together another QS or 2 i'll def consider grabbing him, if he's still available. edit: i realize that is a team one should be able to trust him against lol. but i just mean that he hasnt done enough yet for me to trust him..
  10. this guys gonna need to string together more than ONE game to erase the four consecutive starts of utter fail.
  11. definitely. if i was an As fan i'd be pretty upset at that decision.
  12. if you have open DL spots (we use 5), he's definitely worth a DL spot.
  13. unreal. what a chump. such disappointment. ^^ rotoworld blurb says 4 weeks. 8 weeks is a lot different than 4 weeks. this pansy better be ready to go in 4.
  14. horrible. glad i don't have to watch this bum anymore.
  15. what in gods name. Jesus. the last 2 reports Monday and Tuesday were the opposite and said he was feeling great. so ridiculous.
  16. not so fast.. AA start yesterday: 3.2 IP, 6 H,6 ER, 4 BB, 3 K
  17. unless you did the writing, who cares? i love how ppl can get so angry over a player getting attention they feel is unwarranted lol
  18. f-ing joke. dumb early hook ruins his line and win.
  19. was forced to throw him out there in last day of matchup. looked great in the 1st, keep rollin bud.
  20. i don't get why ppl come in this thread who aren't remotely interested in Straily trashing on him. haters gonna hate i suppose.
  21. geez the swings. i don't mind this though. brett gonna be dominating soon at a ballpark near you!
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