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  1. holy crap @ the 19 inning game. saw that box score, and anderson having a nice game, prayed that i didn't replace him yet in my starting lineup, went and checked, and he was left in! lol love it. sucks that he came out of the game hobbling or whatever; not that i trust rotoworld/yahoo blurbs in the slightest but they seem to think he was OK and will likely start this weekend. hmm..
  2. there's a whole lot of grey area between future CY Young pitcher, and a back end rotation guy/scott baker. i can definitely see number 2 or 3 starter upside. his stuff is not average considering his secondary stuff is pretty filthy.
  3. all griffin is not going to be demoted (yet). a 4.65 ERA with a 1.26 WHIP, and only 3 bad innings of 31, is not nearly enough to warrant a demotion. anderson's injury looks more like a 'lets give him some time to think about things' more than an actual injury. best bet is parker gets shelled again soon, and straily pitches well tmrw. both real possibilities.
  4. yeah i'm not too worried. still in line for a possible QS at fenway, and regardless of how this game pans out i'm not too concerned with him if he's healthy.
  5. you haven't been a part of these forums long enough then lol. after every bad start, or 0fer these kind of sentiments are flowing, it's hilarious.
  6. also running him out there. and his stats at fenway aren't all that bad, an era of 4.09 and a whip of 1.27 with 20 ks in 22 innings (4 starts...2 great starts, 2 crap starts). i'll roll the dice considering i need the Ks and Ws
  7. I've been burning a roster spot for him since the start of the season and will continue to do so until he's called up. I didn't like to see Parker pitch a gem yesterday lol, seemed he was a couple bad outings away from a demotion, oh well. Maybe Tubby will start imploding soon, one can only hope. Can't wait till i have 3/5ths of this rotation!
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