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  1. yuk. um, I guess Dunning, Pivetta, Canning, McKenzie, Skubal? IDK, a lot of short inning guys here that aren't going to qualify for QS's. I feel pretty confident saying Dunning is my #1, but the other 4 could be interchangeable.
  2. IDK, I think I'd prefer to ride Kelly while he's hot, and keep Smith for when he gets hot. If you can flip Kelly to somebody, that would be worth it, but I don't think I'd dump him right now.
  3. Andrew Vaughn is an option as well now that Robert is out.
  4. Who did he keep as a Catcher over Smith?
  5. I always enjoy your responses. I know you don't like pitchers, and mt some how refers to pitchers, but what does it stand for? I can't seem to figure that one out.
  6. Kluber and Framber. Could you drop one of those RP's for Ynoa?
  7. I think by the end of the year, you will wish you still had The Fresh Prince. in a 12 teamer, I don't think you would miss, McNeil, Hampson, or DiDi. There should be guys just like them on the waiver wire. Pick the 1 of those 3 that you like the least.
  8. move Brantley for Gallen
  9. 16 team roto league, no bench. Only get 8 add/drops (doesn't count IL moves though) for the whole season. I've used 1 so far. Do I: A. Keep Bobby Dalbec and save a move? B. pick up CJ Cron C. pick up Nate Lowe D. pick up Jesus Aguilar
  10. I had this same dilemma in my draft. Frazier, Santander, and Soler were available, I decided to roll the dice and draft Urquidy (my 4th SP) and see what came back to me in the next round (10 picks in between). The Yankee fan of the draft grabbed Frazier, which left me to choose between Santander and Soler. I went with Soler. Santander went 17 picks later, (before it came back to me) which I thought was really good value in the 14th round of a 16 team league. I like all 3, so wasn't too worried about it. All things being equal, I'd say I like Frazier the best, but the Yankees don't seem
  11. Wittgren and Fairbanks. I'd also consider Webb, but the fact that you have no closers, I'd grab the 2 closers.
  12. bench Bohm this week. If Lux wasn't in Colorado, I might say him just because the Dodgers juggle the lineup so much, I feel like he won't be playing every day until he gets hot. If they ever allow him to get hot. lol. But for this week, roll the dice with Lux and Cron in Colorado and sit Bohm.
  13. Nimmo, you don't need him. you'd rarely play him.
  14. exactly what 007 said. Take trade B and run. That is a great get. Story is a first rounder. It's basically straight up Story for Yordan because the pitchers in the deal probably aren't even worth worrying about this year, and Gore is more likely to be a keeper for you. Don't worry about the keeper value of Story and Yordan, just try to win this year and deal with keepers later.
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