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  1. Beltre is the main guy thrown around who doesn't k or walk. Not very many others that fit that mold.
  2. Ya ya repeat the same stuff as before. Just don't see how they don't want him to at least try to play his way out of a slump... He was so good last year. Now Shaw gets hurt and he still can't get in the game
  3. Out of the lineup again. Wtf. This is ridiculous. Eric sogard sucks. So does perez. They are not MLB regulars...
  4. Good question... do we activate him for tomorrow?
  5. Needs a DL stint or something to get that rest, these stupid 2 days off won't help it...
  6. Probably a bit off-topic, but he usually posts on twitter a lot or talks with fans, but he hasn't posted a single thing in 5 days... Maybe he's a bit fed up with the Mets too for keeping him down. Sucks to see for a guy with that much talent be wasted away at AAA.
  7. D-Backs calling it day-to-day...but probably pushes this back another week or so. Great.
  8. Don't care, as long as it doesn't get him in trouble. He's been one of the hottest hitters the past month. Keep it up Rizzo!
  9. I'm secretly hoping that the reason he wasn't up was because they didn't want to expose him to NY right away, and are cheap AF and the flight from Vegas to LA is a lot cheaper than Vegas to NY?
  10. For the league in my signature, moved Paxton and Knebel for AJ Pollock and a 2nd rounder next year. I have way too much pitching and closers come and go, so couldn't miss out on the chance to get on the D-Backs train!
  11. One of the D-back beat writers speculating he might be back at the end of the road trip...which ends next week in COL. Maybe a week and a half away?
  12. So we're believing the announcers over the GM? Idk. No reason to keep him down imo.
  13. Can't wait to get him back, he's going to come back strong!
  14. Still no new news on AJ? Been quiet on his front lately...
  15. That's pretty soon isn't it? Like within the next 2 weeks.... I'm fine waiting that long for him Kid has a good head on his shoulders, seems pretty humble. Can't wait to see him in the big leagues.
  16. Slow start. Did the same last year and ended up with a decent avg. No worries at all. Dude is a stud.
  17. FWIW, He's 1-5 vs the Nats with a 5+ ERA from what I remember... But it is in SF, so why not? Early enough in the week to gamble
  18. and 2 basket HRs, one should have been challenged...good job Bochy.
  19. They did this last year before he went off the last month or so... Was it also in ATL? but damn... he's been awful.
  20. Just saw something on the bottom line on MLB network saying 8 weeks for him minimum with a fractured left wrist, via Ken Rosenthal
  21. From listening to the Nats telecast, he's having issues locating his 2 seam, which was one of his stronger pitches the last few years. Annoying, but not super worried.
  22. moved Nova for Salazar, buy low, sell high
  23. So you come in saying to sell a guy by saying he K's too much, but who would give much for a guy off of the WW like that? Not a lot in any competitive league... Hold and ride it out. Kid looks real to me.
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