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  1. And the only reason he got that opportunity was because Matt Ryan wasn't throwing the ball.
  2. Someone mentioned in the gameday thread that Dobbins whiffed on pass protection so maybe that was a factor early on.
  3. That was a terrible pick, though. Triple coverage with 1st down right in front of him. I do wonder what what happens in a few weeks after a few starts and defenses gameplan for him. He was impressive but not sure if he's fantasy backup material yet.
  4. Their top three receivers are Cook, Fuller and Cobb. All they have are fragile guys and Stills.
  5. That was the most Bengals way to lose just like that was the most Lions way to lose earlier today.
  6. The real tragedy is Michael Thomas. Cook is outscoring him.
  7. Then he missed the next two. Wait did Kittle get pulled off the field again? Because he came back on in the second half.
  8. I swear Evans gets more yards on PI against him than anything else.
  9. "Oh cool finally a nice run by Ekeler". Except it wasn't Ekeler. Then Tyrod throws into double coverage.
  10. He had a dominant defense, a decent running back (not the one who lines up as a WR), and the same quarterback last year and they never emphasized the run. Granted maybe losing a few of the close games will give him some hubris but didn't Rodgers come back to beat them by one point almost exactly one year ago because he refused to run the ball?
  11. Maybe it's just me, but selfishly I'm more concerned that the Green Bay defense is for real and that Rodgers won't need to sling the ball excessively. It was Trubisky though so hard to tell off of one game.
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