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  1. I'm interested if you still have spots. Srosenthal89@gmail.com
  2. Looks like the site is only offering free leagues. If no, anyone have any recommendations?
  3. What do you think strategy wise for leagues that have 2 flex spots? Larger emphasis on running backs or fill with receivers? Or both?
  4. I figured we can share what website or article/blogs you follow. I came across Pitcherlist last year and it has solid content. What else do people here read other than Rotoworld?
  5. Is the Beast team still available? I'll join. Srosenthal89@gmail.com
  6. Is this still open? If yes, please email srosenthal89@gmail.com
  7. I’ll join as long as fee is reasonable. Send link to srosenthal89@gmail.com
  8. If opening still available please email Srosenthal89@gmail.com
  9. Looking to improve my team for the semi-finals. Would you guys move anyone between my choices? Thank you in advance. Potential Drops: Wilson Chandler Dinwiddie Bogdan Bogdanovic Potential Adds: Nerlens Noel James Johnson (Had him most of the season and he was sooo frustrating to own) Reggie Bullock Quinton Cook
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