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  1. Im 5-2 in both my leagues but 5th in points in both. Lol i know my luck will run out eventually.
  2. Never would have thought they would put up 52 and he would only have 11 yards. Better days ahead though.
  3. Already won in my standard league but in ppr im down 19 and he has Delanie Walker left and i have Sanders, Succop, and Engram. I think i have a 40% chance.
  4. Had Wentz and AB going in ppr and still lost by 31. (Also had Hyde, Engram, etc)
  5. Im gonna be 3-2 in ppr league after a 3-0 start and ill be 3-2 in standard league after 0-2 start. Not that cool i guess lol.
  6. Ugh dont remind me. I "won" by 1.20 in ppr but im nervous.
  7. Great news! Owning Moncrief in both my leagues and T.Y. in one im excited!
  8. Won by 1.20 facing Chiefs DST. If i had lost by that last play id have threw my tv.
  9. Won by 1.20. That was way too close. Didnt watch it how did it end? It says 13 yd fumble return td??
  10. Hope his recovery goes well, feel bad for the kid. Come back strong next season!
  11. Gonna be embarrassing when they fill barely half of their new 80,000 seat stadium.
  12. Yes. At the very least, slightly. Glennon sucks. At least theres a chance now...
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