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  1. Probably a dumb question but havent heard back from Yahoo yet.... Is every Yahoo league open? meaning: Have all Commish invites gone out? One league I'm in the Commish started the league for this season...another I'm in in which I'm a Commish I've yet to receive the email to launch yet for this season..
  2. You only get 1 rookie season & he’s still well in reach of Jacksonville’s record.
  3. If he’s active and suits up he’s going to eat, there’s no way he suits up and only plays minimal snaps. They’ll have to drag him off the field.
  4. ........plus he’s attempting to beat Fred Taylor’s record. 🐖🔥🥓
  5. Well, I’ll be outside enjoying a little kickball this weekend as I didn’t advance to the semifinals. 😂
  6. Starting with confidence in a revenge game... See you in round 2.
  7. Isn’t Johnson their regular 3rd down/receiving back?
  8. Dobbins is in a full fledged RBBC. He should be first on the list.
  9. CBS is the last advise I would take for any fantasy sport.
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