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  1. I thought I had one more pitching start from Ryu for this period on Sunday. Now I look today and he is scheduled for Monday.
  2. when I needed him to perform earlier in the year after lighting it up for number of games, he disappeared to. I'm not sure what to make of this. Is it Casey or is it Bey?
  3. Not only has mine team been decimated by injuries, but my opponent ends up benefiting from them. D. Mitchell goes down and Ingles becomes a star. It is amazing.
  4. Good info though guys. I appreciate the discussion as I try to figure out what to make of the Frazier situation. - Thanks
  5. He's doing ok for the number of minutes he has been in. 2 AST, 3 BK, 9 PTS, ST, 3 TRB. Category guys should be happy with 3 blocks.
  6. He will still have his nights. It just will be a consistency problem. Guess he could not hit a shot today. They leave him wide open on the perimeter. So you would hope he can hit a few from out there.
  7. They have a lot of guards that they rotate in and out. Culver, McLaughlin,Okogie,Nowell,DLA. So if one of them is hot, he might not get as many minutes. He also has matchup issues against some of the quicker guards. So who knows from game to game how much he will play.
  8. I was thinking he was gone the remainder of the season. Some good news for a change.
  9. At least he was not negative points in my points league. 1 Reb in 20 min. +1. Yea. I hope I win by 1 point. What is he doing out there. He really has been a roller coaster ride the last 8-10 games.
  10. I got off the Moses band wagon. Too inconsistent even with the minutes he gets.
  11. I'm being patient for a week for so. Fantasy baseball is a marathon. Hope the 2020 Clint shows up soon.
  12. Watching him, the baseball looks like it must seem like a beach ball coming from the mound. I like the fact that a lot of his hits have been to right field or right center. Even the most of the home runs have not been to left field. So he is not pulling the ball like he was earlier in his career. And trying to set up a shift against him would be bad analytics at this point.
  13. His prior years (not 2020) track record is pretty good. I was sorry the Twins traded him. One of the good guys in the game and I still hope he does well going forward.
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