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  1. I have 6 players injured (with no IR) and am playing with 7 against 10 with the worst team in the league. Chalk up a loss with the short week. I'm not sure K. Love and D. White are ever going to play. I thought VanVleet and J. Jackson were going to play this week so I started them. If I miss the playoffs, I'm going to look back at this loss as the reason.
  2. Hayward is making him look bad on defense too. Vanderbilt has got to move his feet with someone like Hayward. Jarred thinks he is going to block his shot and Hayward fakes him out of his jock.
  3. Here is what Rubio had to say in the Local paper. This talks about their defense. But I think the same discussion could be applied to their offense: Rubio pointed to an example in Sunday's game when the Suns called the same play for Devin Booker, who had 43 points. Booker scored in different ways off the play, Rubio said, but the Wolves were helpless to stop it. "We were calling the play, and we couldn't stop it," Rubio said. "And it's because we're not ready to take it to the next level." On a larger level, Rubio said the Wolves aren't learning from their mistakes. If you
  4. Just my opinion, but I think some of the problem is the young guys he is playing with. The wolves are not good at spacing when running the offense. On pick and rolls, they don't roll to the basket. He has also thrown a lot of passes to Vanderbilt under the basket that just don't connect for whatever reason. He should have two or three more assists each game if he was playing with teammates who could finish or anticipate the play. Maybe Finch can educate these guys a bit on offense. They also have a lot of players that are blackholes when they get passed the basketball. Rubi
  5. He was supposed to be ready in Feb too. I'm not convinced he will stay on the court if he does come back.
  6. Where was this the rest of his career? He has been in the league for a long time, bounced around to a lot of teams and I don't remember him attaining this level of play before. Watched the game last night. He actually used his right hand on a couple of shots. Seemed like he was a good guy/teammate when he was with the wolves. Maybe he is like Chauncy Billups and just took a while to figure everything out.
  7. THis was further down in the article. There are six more days until Nurkic and McCollum are evaluated. And probably around two weeks before there is thought of them playing in a game.
  8. IT's about time. It sure would be nice to see this on a consistent basis.
  9. if I remember right, he seemed to have one melt down inning a game. The rest of the game he would be pretty decent. Hrs allowed and Walks can also tend to be an issue. He always seems to me like he should be better than what he is. But I would take a chance on him at the right ADP.
  10. Vanderbelt has a real problem catching passes. He fumbles a lot of feeds to him under the basket. He would score a lot more if he could cleanly catch the ball and put up a shot instead of dropping the pass and allowing the defense to catch up to the play before he can get a shot off. And don't throw him a bounce pass under the basket. He or the ball or both will end up out of bounce. It's a guaranteed turnover.
  11. He has really bad hands. Fumbles, loses control of the ball right around the basket a lot.
  12. So Kendrick Nunn goes off for 3 AST, BK, 27 PTS, 2 ST, TO, 5 TRB in Herro's absence against the Lakers in 40 min.
  13. He had pretty good numbers in 2019 in 56 games. Probably his best since 2016. He only 32 years old. So I would not be so quick to write him off.
  14. He is only 19 years old. His brain isn't even fully developed yet. So his baseketball IQ and decision making will get a lot better. His best days are still a ways out.
  15. 0-7 in the first half. Can it get any worse?
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