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  1. I have Hyde and hate his matchup and how he has been playing. But I am rolling with him.
  2. Only question mark is how much Ertz will play. Tough because you can't monitor the situation tonight. I would go McKinnon
  3. I agree with all this. Just wondering why the experts have Green ranked higher than him this week.
  4. I like Bibbs out of the two. He will be borderline top-25 without Perine, IMO. Duke hovers around 30-ish for me.
  5. I have DHop and Keenan Allen as my WR1/WR2, but I am completely stuck here. Gut says Thielen, BUT... Vegas says Green (better chance for a TD + higher number for catches + receiving yards) On FantasyPros, the general consensus is Thielen, but if you single out the top dogs (the top 10 experts in 0.5 PPR WR accuracy) it is AJG. So, it is my gut, or Vegas and actual FantasyPros experts. Thoughts?
  6. Wallace. I'm thinking he hits a deep ball today
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