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  1. Update: I can do it for Ian Anderson instead of Lance McCullers if I wish.
  2. I'm not seeing anything here that compels me to move now, but @HOOTIE's order is correct. 3 wrinkles: Baez had a relatively down 2020, and his value will likely recover some this year. In the meantime, you'd only have to "suffer" him in UTIL in a 16 team league where some poor sap will be playing me at SS because you have two of the best. Patience is A-OK here. If Ohtani has that SP-UTIL juju for himself here, I'd be OK putting him over Biggio/Bell and getting the competitive advantage he yields. It depends on your format though. In my leagues, he's two different players, so
  3. In a dynasty league, Adell's star hasn't slipped so far that I wouldn't give McCullers for him, right? I mean, the K-rate is narsty, but still, there's a chance for some helium, no?
  4. YES I mean, nothing's for sure. The sun could explode into us tomorrow. But I'd rather have Simmons's skillset without Porzingis's wet noodle tendons and bones.
  5. If you mean long term ROS, Shake. If you mean ROC, I take Maxey.
  6. Problem is that Allen surely will push him to the pine at least a little more, no? Drummond is a hot potato: and I LOVE Drummond to death. One day, the music's going to stop (is that how hot potato works?) and someone's going to be left owning him when he's bumped for being a 90s player 20 years too late. The acquisition of Allen is CLE looking at the STOP button on the boom box. (This analogy is too tortured. Sorry!)
  7. Would he be poisoning the well too much to try Booker/Zinger first? Then I would do Booker/Sabonis myself over giving Trae. Once we get into Trae v. Harden it really depends on your own personal gut feeling. Mine is that Harden will be switched on for a short season run with or without Kyrie, and I would want to be a part of that pettiness very much please and thank you.
  8. I think that's too rich for me. DAJ is himself going to be a double double ROS.
  9. I think I'd rather DAJ than Drummond, which is an incredible statement this week after DAJ being a DNP-CD just last week. It's just literally Jarret Allen, personally making YOUR life difficult! I like the value for Collins--I would do it and hope to have enough PF eligibility for lineups and capital for further moves.
  10. WHA???? Triple doubles over points only? Am I living in a cave and cooking by rubbing two sticks together, or is this overreacting to the Wizards being hella bad and sick?
  11. I'd give up the streamer spot for now and then look really close-like at Diallo and Burks. Diallo is alright; it just matters whether or not he's grown his game and Bazley can't go.
  12. I never get offers like this For me, Fox is the far higher ceiling. Harris--while good mind you--is just capped by being in a crowded team structure that may or may not even work.
  13. I think I would: someone is scared Allen will take Dre's minutes, but I think I would risk this.
  14. It's a 12 team dynasty where I will have space issues already (I will have to drop injury replacements at end of the year), and KAT is #2 or so asset in the game, but ..... For Jarrett Allen, Oladipo, and Aaron Gordon, do I need to start doing some research? I never care about builds: I just want best player available. My cuts would hurt: NAW/Lonnie Walker types to get 2 more on roster.
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