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  1. "Drew Pomeranz is dealing with shoulder tightness according to Padres manager Jayce Tingler." Given Drew's injury history... Not good.
  2. Meh, 5 ERA last year, I'll pass on that walking disaster, feel like Wick should be the guy, but a lot of people thought that last year as well.... and nothing. lol
  3. So, who's the next man up for the Cubbies if Kimbrel loses his job... Wick or Ryan?
  4. He looked great, box score doesn't really tell the story, 2 of the hits were because of the shift, and a fluky "hit" that hit off the runner, that would have been a double play if it didn't and a few bloops that got down, nothing hard hit, he had great movement on his pitches, and hit 100mph, 99mph quite a few times... sucks his next start is probably coming against Houston, ...If he could hold that rotation spot down with that offense, great things could be ahead.
  5. You have officially put the bold, in bold predictions, sir. haha If any of those 3 come true, I'm going to need the lottery numbers from you, stat. lol
  6. Anyone got any ideas on how to get Yahoo to finally make a 2 week fantasy championship possible? lol Seems like it wouldn't be that hard to add in as an option, and have seen so many tweet or write on their message boards requesting it, yet nothing. Pretty frustrating.....
  7. Always one of my favorite threads to review at the end of the season, and figured it being opening day and all, we should start one for the short season, and we can all look back and see how optimistic, ridiculous, or spot on we were. The bolder the better! I'll start: Eugenio Suarez ends up becoming a top 12 hitter this season Zac Gallen and Frankie Montas both finish as top 20 starters Tatis has the sophomore slump, finishes outside the top 80 Walker Buehler finishes outside the top 20 pitchers The Franimal ends up in the top 3 in MLB in HR's
  8. My most likely scenarios, in order. 1.) NBA has a shortened regular season in empty arenas and progresses to the playoffs, also in empty arenas. 2.) NBA comes back and skips right to the playoffs in empty arenas 3.) NBA plays the full regular season and playoffs in empty arenas 4.) NBA cancels the season entirely.
  9. I still believe there's a slight chance there could be some sort of season, but what happens with the virus over the next 7-10 days is going to be huge, not only for fantasy but overall. In some weird way between Gobert getting it, the NBA season getting cancelled and a well known and liked celebrity like Tom Hanks getting it, I think it's going to start to make it real for a lot of people, and might start to take it more seriously, and could help slow the virus down immensely. I think a return to empty arenas in 30-40 days, with a somewhere between 8-12 game regular season schedule and play
  10. I don't think there's really an issue waiting a month or two (Maybe some logistics but those could be worked out in some fashion), but my guess is, it would be a very short regular season, maybe 8-10 games if they did come back, then go into the playoffs, which would be hard to actually have any kind of fantasy playoffs.... They are telling 7 teams to quarantine themselves now, every team that's been in contact with Gobert over the last week, so that would take at least 2 weeks, then would need time to get back into shape etc. my guess is even absolute best case it would be a month befo
  11. I think bare minimum, if the fantasy season does end you pay the playoff teams equal shares, anyone that had a chance to win, gets a little extra at least, not sure if there's a totally fair answer here, but seems the most logical... Maybe do a small scale for 1st down to 6th...
  12. Easy to say, but we're in a big money, very competitive league, and when you've invested a lot of money, and time in it, as a lot of people in here have,there's a lot to be said for at least hoping you get to play it out.... Trust me I know it's not the worlds biggest issue at the moment, but still just a topic of discussion that I think is warranted and a lot of people would at least like to discuss.
  13. To me what would make the most sense is it takes the results from this week (Week 21 for most) and ends it as is. and when they come back it instantly starts the Week 22 (Fantasy playoffs for most) Guessing a lot depends on how many games they'll have scheduled as well..... Anyone have any thoughts/theories?
  14. Any fantasy hope for Jordan Poole or Bowman in a deep league?
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