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  1. Wherever Fournette goes he’s going to ruin the lead backs value by turning it into a committee. The only place that’s not true is New England because they don’t really have a lead back.
  2. Never like seeing this, though I’d imagine he won’t miss actual games.
  3. The jags are going to be so bad but if you need rb help definitely put a claim in.
  4. Personally I like it. Both sanders and Kenyan should be fine for the opener and I love your WRs. Definitely a solid team. Help with mine? Mock drafts also lied to me 😂
  5. I’d go RB-RB if Michael Thomas and Davante are gone. I’d much rather have cooper kupp/DJ Moore/Robert woods than the RBs available in the 3rd/4th turn
  6. I had the 9th pick in a draft last night and was dead set on going rb-rb, until the first 8 picks were RB so Michael Thomas was sitting there. Go RB early from any spot if you can (as the RBs thin out like crazy) but don’t ignore value when it presents itself.
  7. This. He’s going right around CEH, Josh Jacobs, Joe Mixon, Kenyan Drake, and Aaron Jones. Take all of them over him. If he slips to the mid 2nd though sign me up.
  8. The Dillard injury doesn’t hurt philly’s starting offensive line that much because Peters is still a better LT than him. However the depth is now gone. I think Sanders is going to get a ton of touches to start the year so he should still be good for fantasy purposes.
  9. Imo around where AP is going, aka the end of the “starting RBs”
  10. I grabbed both and am going to let the situation play itself out. Could be a good bye week fill in 🤷‍♂️
  11. I LOVE Djax this year. The WR1 for wentz going late? Sign me up all day. Sure he’s going to be boom or bust, but inserting him in as my WR3/flex I’ll absolutely take that. Half the WR3’s don’t pan out anyways.
  12. Never listen to yahoo grades! I like your team. Solid WRs and RBs. Wentz will be good but his upside is a bit limited with reagor and the offensive line hurt. You will definitely compete. help with mine?
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