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  1. It feels like I’m lacking big man stats, like fg%, rebound, blocks. thoughts?
  2. well I’m ready to move him on the bench permanently until injuries happen.
  3. or do I drop Phillip Lindsay since he's essentially just a cuff with Gordon in Denver. Not sure if Lindsay will produce Rb2 but he should be a decent flex.
  4. Should I pick up Bryan Edwards? Thinking about dropping either Doyle or Slayton. Dolye, yeah? Thoughts?
  5. get the blocks. i think dimes is already locked up.
  6. His upside is higher for sure. I'm just not sold at Levine hitting 2nd round ever lol. Levert is a bad fantasy player too even though he produces.
  7. Sup guys, can ya'll give me some feedback on this trade offer. Current team on the sig. The other team is willing to trade LeVert and Lavine or yet playing G.George and VanVleet. I think it's close. My drop would be D.Wright. Thoughts? Thanks!
  8. thank god for bye week! 10 days rest and he’ll be back to normal. let’s go brees
  9. i hate this guy! this season he has jacked me up twice with 40 secs left in the game. First was Indy and now this! Brady scored 10 pts and somehow this guy scored 16. I hate football
  10. Thanks Brady for sucking during the last week of regular season for my league. 10 effing points!
  11. What do you guys think? Current team below. Not sure exactly what Ulis role will be but D.Rose is barely serviceable at this point. Thoughts?
  12. I dropped levert for him and hoping he does well. His 3’s should be elite but not sure about the other stats.
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