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  1. 41 min on his game back in double OT, with 25 pts, 6 3pt, 8 reb, 6 ast, 4 stl 🤯 ... No question about it, I am ready to get hurt again.
  2. These clearly meant the exact same thing in the context it was used 🤦‍♂️
  3. Top 20 lol. That’s mighty optimistic when there are 30 teams in the NBA - Porter would have to produce better than the best players of 1/3 of the teams in the NBA. And not to mention - there’s Christian Wood on his own team as well. Not saying he can’t achieve it, but top 50 does seem more like a reasonable ceiling when being optimistic.
  4. 90+% of posters who talk about their teams and moves in Player Outlook threads (i.e. CSB posts) usually just reveal that they’re either in a taco league or that they’re bad fantasy managers.
  5. Could depend on league settings and people you play with. The Wolves’ next game is in 3 days and the waiver period setting is 2 days for my league, so I felt safe enough to make the swap to Vandy knowing that McD won’t have a chance to blow up before he clears waivers. Of course, this is assuming that no one claims him or picks him up, because 2 pts 3 reb 1 ast.
  6. It's apparent that people don't really know how RoCo should fit on a team. His production is a box of chocolate, so you need to be able to withstand some duds, and in a position where getting random boosts in 3s and stocks are helpful Or else, he's just an easy target to blame (i.e. he's not gonna help in every category every week) and you become a negative poster on this thread.
  7. This thread should only be 4 posts: "He's slumping harder than usual to start the season with his new team" "Yeah, it sucks" "He's doing a lot better now" "Cool" Most everything else is fluff.
  8. Value investing is a concept that’s clearly not understood by some posters in this thread. A lot of people only pick up players when they get hot and already put up numbers, but I find that to be mind-numbing and you might as well not watch games with that approach. FWIW, IQ’s per 36s are great so far (currently #53 9-cat on BBM), so there’s a good chance he’ll be very productive if/when Elf is traded and he gets starter minutes. I’m in for this lottery ticket 💪
  9. The best news is that this isn't big news, especially with the Rose trade having just happened. This is a guy who has been able to semi-regularly be able to drop 15-25 pts when getting 20-25 min PT, so I was definitely not gonna drop him unless I actually saw a DNP or further reduced minutes.
  10. Knew someone was gonna bring this up lol. Sure, I'll agree on the point that Elf doesn't have much value, but I would still see it as a positive sign if this is the Knicks' attempt to drum up trade interest in Elfrid (unless you're suggesting that this reporter 100% made up the story).
  11. I might consider holding until Tue's game (or whenever Rose arrives) just to make sure Elf isn't the odd man out. Whether IQ gets a DNP or not could be telling on whether they have any intention of developing him. The timing of the Rose trade is interesting because Elf's no-trade clause expired just yesterday on 2/6 (http://www.basketballinsiders.com/new-york-knicks-team-salary/). Good chance that Knicks would try to showcase Elf (unsuccessfully) at IQ's expense, even if their intention were to dump him though. The long-shot hope is that Knicks wanted to secure Rose as the backup PG
  12. While I did think about dropping RoCo after the awful performances, it was never in serious consideration. The terrible first 15 games is still a small sample size especially considering he's a historical slow starter and also needed to adjust on a new team.
  13. Worth a read - basically, do nothing for first 2 weeks, then ramp up to individual practice over couple weeks, timetable still indefinite. Likely 8-week recovery time.
  14. Probably thinking Boucher is the reason they lost the game. While he does bring up some legit concerns with Boucher, it’s rather upsetting to see the dismissiveness overall, saying that he’ll never be a good player due to his age and physical build. As a fan of a sports team, I’d root and stick by any of their players for better or worse like family, just as long as they have the right attitude and put in the effort. Just unfortunate that supposed fans would outright reject Boucher saying he sucks and won’t ever amount to anything. These days I look forward for big lines from Bo
  15. Notifications appear to be located inside the hamburger menu (tap on the icon with 3 stacked horizontal lines) on the top right. There’s also a theme selector at the bottom, above the footer which may or may not be useful?
  16. 3rd potential solution here, if for whatever reason the two solutions I mentioned above doesn't work. The commissioner might be able to edit your roster by taking the following steps: 1. Click on "Commissioner" tab (from any page in the league) 2. Click on "Manage Other Teams" tab 3. Click "Edit Rosters" link 4. On Edit Roster page, click on "Edit Roster" link for the appropriate team. 5. Update player slots appropriately (similarly to "Classic Mode" Roster Edit mode), and click on "Submit".
  17. Can't confirm because I only have 1 IL player right now, but I think I've ran into this situation and found the solution using the desktop browser: To swap Player #1 (start on BN) with Player #2 (start on IL): 1. Move Player #2 from IL to BN, by clicking on "[IL] Player #2" slot, then "[BN] (empty)" slot. Ignore the error "You are over the max roster size. You must move a player to an open IL spot on your roster or drop a player before making any changes. (Error #160)". Player #2 should visually appear to be moved to BN, but the roster update is not saved at this point. 2
  18. 31/3/4, with 5 3PTM, 8/8 FT in... exactly 24 minutes 😮 PT was a completely even split - Elf played entire Q1/Q3, IQ played entire Q2/Q4. Strong hold / pick up to see if he can build further on this 50/50 split.
  19. Nah, the poster is rightfully shaming the lack of empathy you are displaying. It’s not acceptable to wish an injury upon people, and especially for your fantasy team of all things.
  20. Also parroting them endlessly and not knowing when to move on (see 1st page here): The efforts to force a nickname have spanned since last season: At a certain point, it just becomes painful to read
  21. You're right in that this particular element isn't clear and is a legit problem. Complaining in this thread and replying to me probably isn't going to do very much. I found the theme selector at the bottom of the page, as well as the Contact Us link for directing your feedback - you'll probably have better luck there.
  22. Ironically, the “What happened to the Bold font indicator?” is unbolded for having been read... As a web dev, I actually think the style improved marginally because the clickable / tappable areas are a bit clearer visually, particularly the page links.
  23. I think you are confusing the definition of a Karen, because complaining and acting entitled despite the rules fits into that description.
  24. Currently, he's at 28.7 mpg over 4 games for the past week and 25.6 mpg over 7 games in 2 weeks - good for #6 and #8 overall in BBM 9-cat for those durations. Fair to say that he has more than returned value on investment already, and certainly my expectations!
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