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  1. it is free, we have thought about going in $20 each but have not gotten around to formal talks about how to do it securely. It may be something that is implemented in the future...
  2. Need two owners to fill a 10 team h2h points league on ESPN, draft will be tomorrow 03/26/19 @ 630 pm pt. 930 pm est. It is a league compiled mostly of friends or coworkers, but we don't have anyone else interested in baseball so we need 2 active members to join. Below will be a link to settings. This league setup is a mirror of a league I ran for 5+ years some odd years ago and worked very successfully (it was a 14 team league, so this is a bit smaller) Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you. http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league/settings?leagueId=95762725
  3. Lance Armstrong Oprah Onion booty Rosie O'Donnell
  4. He was kind of an unknown going into last season. Even this year he was as the 6th best prospect in the A's organization by Baseball America (2nd by Mlb.com). He would move up to 4th due to Peacock and Cole being traded, but it seems like Baseball America still isn't too high on the guy. I don't believe he has the upside of a true number one, though I will admit I have never watched him pitched. From the numbers, I think he has #2 upside and more than likely will settle in as a #3. Now maybe I am underestimating him, like most scouts, but while his strikeouts have gotten better as he move
  5. never heard of any of this kind of music really. Im a country guy who listens to country music. George Strait Alan Jackson Kenny Chesney Chris Young Justin Moore Josh Turner, etc. Haven't seen any other posts really about country music. I love it and live it so oh well.
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