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  1. picking spots for AJG is a fool's errand. set and forget. you don't sit a healthy AJG.
  2. he's set up to catch short dump offs and probably split carries w/ drake. bye week filler this week and possibly more in future weeks if drake is shipped. @NYJ, @NYG, CIN in $$$ weeks. unga bunga...
  3. trying to predict when to play him in NE? huh? if healthy, he's a set and forget with brady slingin the pig to him and hoody scheming ways to get him the damn pig in the background. he's a set and forget auto start, barring injury.
  4. he didn't run routes before the game sunday...was supposed to, but didn't as per above article.
  5. i wouldn't categorize it as a bold move. it's really a no brainer and sound business decision. trade him to get what they can before he walks and risk getting nada. OR lock him up so he retires a bengal. my gut tells me he's a class act and genuinely wants to go larry's route and retire a bengal. that said, he won't rush back if he's not feeling like he's ready to go full speed. think the competitor in him wants to just get back out there, do AJG things, and show the world that he is an ace wr. here's the latest news: "And, wide receiver A.J. Green (ankle) didn't practice Wednes
  6. i'll go the opposite. trade, contract, beast. ink it.
  7. slow your roll, big daddy. should get a clearer picture after tomorrow's practice. your speculation is meaningless- well, except to vent your frustrations, i spose. if we don't get more info as the week develops, THEN you can have a cow FYI, i'm a patient AJG owner hoping i'm sitting on a GOLD MINE. tick tock...
  8. agreed. they're tweaking the run game to adjust for loss of develin and poor ytd overall run blocking from o-line. hopeful that the hoody can work his magic. again, all this gives me a rosier outlook on sony ros.
  9. not sure why you think it sounds concerning. i think having a potential lead blocker will do sony wonders. watch how many times he gained posi yardage following develin in his rookie highlight clip. he could really use someone to plow the road for him, so to speak:
  10. disagree. they got the bye coming up. gives time for conner to heal and samuels to heal more. miami after the break- conner will get his. snell will burn a bench spot for the next 2 weeks and then be 3rd on the depth chart once samuels is back. so must own? nope. not in my book.
  11. right. and if he's limited, he wouldn't be suiting up in the first place. if he gets the green light, i think he's an automatic start (barring better options- but frankly, i doubt anyone you'd replace him with would have the upside of a top 10 wr...when healthy). Really hoping for good news as the week develops, as half my starters are on bye.
  12. agreed. niners came to play. the entire offense was overmatched. but ATL is polar opposite end of the spectrum. if gurley sits, im starting brown with confidence expecting more RB2 #s than flex- with big upside.
  13. my gut tells me that darrel will eventually be the guy. just a matter of whether walrus puts his faith in the youngest/most inexperienced rb on the roster to take the reins. ive stashed darrel where i can. fingers crossed.
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