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  1. The 4th lowest scoring team in my league earned a bye and just moved on to the championship game by beating the highest scoring team in the league.
  2. On pace for 175 points! By far my highest scoring game of the year! Why is this a vent? I lost last week scoring 96 points.
  3. I HATE Noah fant. He did nothing for me all year (I traded for him after week 3). I was eliminated from playoffs last week and of course he has his first double digit game all since week 2.
  4. Didn't even break 90. Disappointing end to the season. Had great matchups too.
  5. My team has been horrible the 2nd half of the season so why am I still surprised that they did nothing today as well?
  6. Godwin was the #1 WR last year before he got hurt. Ugh
  7. Its amazing how good all the Denver TEs except Fant do
  8. Earliest vent ever. Going against Montgomery and AJ Brown
  9. 31 year old Casey Hayward or 31 year old Chris Harris Jr. Im not worried.
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