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  1. Don't know what happened there, I was trying to reply to Robrain.
  2. Hey how's it going man? I'll give you Devonta Freeman and Dontrelle Inman for Kamara, it's like you're stealing from me.
  3. You have to admit, Crowder is not a sexy pick no matter where he's taken.
  4. Kenny Stills, WR (and criminal) HOU My cheat sheet is somewhere at the bottom of Lake Franklin in Minnesota.
  5. *ugh* Jamison Crowder, WR NYJ @mrblonde1984
  6. Again, my apologies, confusion curtesy of JD.
  7. I think I need to leave my remaining drunk picks to @Proteus to execute?
  8. Don’t know what I was looking at there 🤣
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