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  1. 15 points from Cook, Cousins, and Rudolph (and I won't rest easy until those points are 'in the bag').
  2. Same here. I made it to the semifinals despite him. My fault for trying to recapture 2007 by drafting him.
  3. Fondly recalling the days when 5K+ yds and 35+ TDs was guaranteed
  4. And TRASH last week when teams were trying to make the playoffs.
  5. I going to have to seriously consider starting Goff (or anyone else) in the semis next week.
  6. Good thing I've already won my game and not having to depend on Brady (a whopping 1.68 fantasy points at halftime).
  7. HOPING for a good bounce-back on Monday. My constant fear is that NE jumps to a 24-0 lead in the first half and they spend the majority of the second half running out the clock. If Brady doesn't have two or three TDs by then, then I'm looking at another 10-to-12-point stinker from my QB slot.
  8. I like it too. It rewards a solid defensive effort regardless of the number of sacks/turnovers.
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