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  1. Nobody saw this one coming though. The Ravens had given up 10 total points in their first two games and looked legit. Bortles actually looks like an NFL QB right now.
  2. Glad I overslept. I was seriously considering starting Terrance West. Just turned on the game. WHOA!
  3. This is the key point. There's no reason to throw Trubisky out there with the top two receivers on the team named Deonte Thompson and Kendall Wright. I doubt he can do any better than Glennon with this WR group. He may add the running element from the QB position, but that also elevates injury risk in what is clearly a lost season for the Bears. They may play him in Week 16 or 17 just for the hell of it, but doubt he helps fantasy team at all in 2017.
  4. Practiced on a limited basis yesterday, and is at practice again today (not sure of the level though). Not trying to tea leaf anything here, but Dorsett, who just joined the team two weeks ago and has a similar skill-set to Cooks, outplayed Cooks against a defense (Saints) that Cooks should know better than anyone on the Patriots team and/or coaching staff. Even with Mitchell, Amendola and Edelman out, the new guy outplayed Cooks, who's been there since March. Maybe Dorsett becomes what the Patriots thought Cooks would be. Regardless, he's someone you should grab now for free just in case.
  5. Everything you said here is spot on. Richard has consistently proven that he's a big play waiting to happen when given opportunities and looks like the most complete back in Oakland. I got him for free after waivers cleared in a 16-teamer yesterday and will hold ROS. There are so many RBs injured and under-performing this season. Richard is one of the best end-of-bench options right now even if Lynch plays all season healthy. Washington hasn't been near as effective in 2017 as he was in 2016, which may lead to Richard getting more touches. He's a great emergency start even with 6-8
  6. I think he's close to 100% now. He caught a screen pass last week on 3rd and long, and exploded for like 18 yards after the catch to get a first down. Cousins only threw for 179 yards last week so you can't expect much from Crowder in that type of game. Reed is unlikely to play this week, which means Crowder is the bonafide #1 in the offense in a great matchup. Its panic time for those with Crowder, Cousins, and/or Pryor on their teams if there's another dud this week.
  7. I'm chalking Week 1 up to the Eagles D being solid, while Crowder and Reed weren't healthy. Week 2 I'm chalking up to the Redskins utilizing a run-heavy scheme because they were playing against their ex-offensive coordinator (McVay) who could likely recognize what Cousins was going to do on every pass play and call the defense accordingly. This week, Cousins is playing in prime time against one of the QBs that just got an NBA-like contract; a contract he wants. If Cousins really thinks he's going to get one of those contracts like Stafford and Carr, he's going to have to start by out-gunning C
  8. I don't think anyone would use the terms dynamic or awesome to describe Darkwa. He's a proverbial lunch pail, hard-hat guy; an effort guy. Those characteristics offer far more than the nothing Perkins offers though. Perkins never won the job. McAdoo gave him the job in May before any practice reps were even taken.
  9. It doesn't really matter unless they give him a real chance to succeed, meaning 15+ carries in a game. The Giants O-line (especially Flowers) sucks, but they get extra motivated when Darkwa is in the game. Every play Darkwa gets tackled, 3-4 of the linemen are over there to help him up and dust him off, seemingly appreciative of his effort. I never see that when Perkins carries the ball. Its almost like McAdoo doesn't want Darkwa to succeed though. Last week he broke an 11-yard run and the Giants called three straight pass plays thereafter (two were sacks). In Week 1, Darkwa broke
  10. You guys are depressing. I'm only logging into Rotoworld once per week (Monday Night) from here on out. I lost DJ in my big money, 16-team league like many others did. If you say something enough, you ultimately convince yourself that its true. My squad is not done and I'm still winning the 2017 Championship. 1-0 after Week 1. I'll post an update this Monday night.
  11. He's set it and forget it for sure. But the offense does not run through him. Its an equal opportunity offense. Bradford is finally showing why he was once the #1 overall pick in the draft.
  12. I doubt anyone would argue in favor of Allen over Cohen in PPR or standard, whether dynasty, redraft or keeper. We know what Javorius Allen is. Cohen has unknown upside in an offense desperately seeking playmakers.
  13. Funny you say that. Diggs has always looked talented. But right now he looks like the next "star" in the NFL. Two TDs isn't out of the question this week. Diggs gets open and catches the football. If Joe Haden was any good/healthy, no way Cleveland just flat-out releases him.
  14. I gave maximum effort to get Bradford in a trade before the season started. Unfortunately the guy in my league who has him was also quite privy of what Bradford has to offer.
  15. Though this is highly likely, you, I and nobody else knows this as a fact. Now if the Cardinals lose to the JV Colts this week, then yes; your assertion is very likely accurate.
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